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Well I'm studying animation and this is the first short that I made for a class made with flipnotes.

Check it out in YT:

Or Vidme:

Animation by: [Aled H.]

Music: Spy vs Spy Xbox/PS2 theme

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I write this assuming it's a flipnote animation:
I like the animation because it's made on flipnotes... it's smething different and thats great!
But the storyline could be a bit better understantable.... if you know what i mean.
And the page numbering is annoying to.

Greetings, Chickenguy

I'm really going to be mean right now.
1. No colors
2. looks like it's just a flipnote paper.

I'm sorry...

Aled1918 responds:

It looke like flipnote paper, because IS on flipnote paper.

Don't worry.

Good man :D

Aled1918 responds:

Thanks m8