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Bump Bump Bump Full Version

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In Bump Bump Bump you solve a series of physics puzzles by placing bumpers to create a constant flow of bouncing pinballs around the level. Beware though, how you solve each puzzle will affect the next one in the series, as every screen you see is connected to the next one, forming a bigger, more complex level. Once you solve all the puzzles in a level, you can see the whole sequence unfold and admire your wits and good work.

Bump Bump Bump features:
- Free to play
- Physics Puzzle game
- Connected Puzzles
- Minimalistic Design
- Make your own unique beats while you play

NOTE: You can change the game language in Options <3

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I love this. Neat concept and the end product is pretty polished. It looks and sounds great, too. I loved watching the balls bounce around at the end of the level in this little Rube Goldberg machine I'd inadvertently created for myself. I will say that some of the mechanics, like clearing a level of all the balls, or going back to a previous stage of the level could have been explained earlier - there were one or two times when I sat waiting for the balls to bounce out their path before I could continue with a level. Overall, top stuff!

It was really good and fun early on, but as the levels progressed, the demands for specificity became larger and larger to the point where moving an object a pixel to the left changed the outcome of where it was going, and often, you would need to be that specific with all of the items on the field.

At that point, it stops being a puzzle game and starts being a game about trial and error, no logic or brainpower involved, just keep moving items a smidge to the left to see if they would work or not.

- Fun
- Easy first levels
- Actually challenging last levels
- Cool physics
- I like the complex multi stage levels and having to go back sometimes.

- Standard windows cursor
- Weird and unexplained performance rating after completing a level. Speed challenge is too demanding and what is Showmanship?
- I feel it could have had about 9 levels more.
- It's weird that bouncers can be placed on top of spikes and walls. Not sure if bug or feature but it seems weird.

its pretty cool

Great game that would have gotten 5 stars but lost points for me when I encountered a level (1-6) where I finished it, but the ball wasn't able to go all the way through in the zoomed out view due to hitting the next ball that had be released. Still good but clearly something was overlooked.