REALM: Illuviation

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The fight continues, with Kelzad attempting to kill Yeelon once and for all. Meanwhile, an outside force is watching...


Big thanks to Cheshyre for working so closely with me! It was an honor, and a joy, and I enjoyed the opportunity.

Happy Madness Day!

Like every year, thanks to Clatform for making the Newgrounds tank intro!

YouTube version: https://youtu.be/95fvLr0guac

(18170 frames, 10 min 5 secs)

Background story: http://kelzad.newgrounds.com/news/post/907584

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Finally, I found the determination to see this.
I felt like I was watching the MC10 the same long opening fight with the same elements as the MC10 nothing that would have overwhelmed my expectations.
The story is now on the same level as MC11 when I expected too more and finally it turned out that the animation is back to the first moments like this animation.
The enemies are not intelligent and Kelzad does not give them any chance of striking or escaping death when they are more powerful enemies than an ordinary agents so I expect a much more active action as in the previous works. The most I have ever liked the second episode, why? Because has a good fighting mechanism. I understand this series tries to be on the same level as the original MC and be equally concocted including the same MC musician but why not give it new elements? The conclusion is a big monster with an extra dose of effect appealing as Sokar and he is so stupid and concentrates on the fight with Kelzad when Sokar can easily destroying the world and leaving Kelzad at the expense of his servants. I do not understand the story yet, unfortunately.
It will come to me very much focused on the duel of these two grunts from the first parts until now and it does not affect the world around them the gods speak of them as puppets.
I hope that 5 episode will convince me of the opposite.
Otherwise 1 star down because it's still the same even if it adds a giant purple scorpion or a Snake with spines it's still at the same lame point and now I see the purple Tricky-Sokar inspired by the MC Series.

When these fights and stretching, it means only that Kelzad 100% win and a good end will come.. No doubt.

Great movie. Liked the silence element you added at the end. I have a few ideas which you might want to implement in an upcoming animation:-
i>Kill Kelzad (twice) and get him brought back to life on the final bar of the nano improbability
ii>Get Sokar angry enough to try to destroy the science tower (COMPLETELY, I might add.)
iii>Don't actually kill Sokar. Just get Kelzad to imprison him in something forever.(Such as the
Auditor himself, giving the reason why the Auditor is evil in the first place.)
Anyways, great job!! Also I prefer your REALM videos over your others, so please; make more series videos.

The audio was a little empty near the end.

Kelzad responds:

Tis on purpose. Silence is an element that isn't used often in Madness movies. Although, if I could go back I'd probably add a few subtle sound effects.

well hopefully you don't release Realm ________<insert name here :P late again plus already know the name but i will keep my Special mouth shut


10/10 "i want more purple shit" - IGN

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4.11 / 5.00

Sep 24, 2017
8:24 AM EDT

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