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This is an action game with a unique combat mechanic -- the Stance system. Fight through the ranks by mastering the art of sword fighting.

V 0.6

* Added story
* New boss
* Changed mechanics


'not pressing w or s' = pierce stance
'w' = overhand stance
's' = underhand stance
'a' = move left
'd' = move right
'j' = attack, (with no w or s = pierce, with s = underhand strike, with w = overhand strike)
'k' = special attack, (with no w or s = double pierce so 2x the damage, with s = parry strike enemy will 100% miss during attack sequence, with w =jump strike attack is unblockable)

'shift' = rollover, it has no dodge mechanic(something like an invincibility frame) because i think it is unpractical 'coz if you think about it if you just rollover in range of your enemy you would surely get hit. the only advantage it has is that it is instant so compared to just running away it is better. A well executed dodge gets you away from the enemy's range during its attack so aim for that instead of hoping for an invincibility frame.

The game is hard because that's what it is made for. It is hard because it is fair between player and AI. There are no advantages bestowed upon the player to make them feel strong. If you get rekt then you just got defeated by an AI that doesn't even take a full page to code. Study, practice and exploit the game mechanics and you'll see how rewarding it is to become number one and to be better than the rest. Good luck!

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It legitimately angers me how much potential was WASTED on this stupid game, your enemy design skills are off the charts. However, YOU CLEARLY HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO DESIGN BOSSES. Bosses are one of the biggest parts of a game, and with the amazing enemy design in this game it would be expected that the boss would be even better that anything before it. However in this game with some of the best enemy design ever, and some of the best swordplay in all of video games, THE BOSS IS A MAGIC SPAMMING DEMONIC TANK THAT HAS NONE OF THE MECHANICS THAT THE GAME IS BUILT AROUND. This game had so much potential, but you just made a boss that ruined the entire experience. when your game is based around up close swordplay, MAKE A BOSS BASED AROUND UP CLOSE SWORDPLAY, the boss just feels rushed. ahead are some suggestions to fix this GARGANTUAN problem

My advice (you should probably take it): 1. MAKE A BETTER BOSS: base this new boss around swordplay and stances (you know, that thing that this entire game is about!).

2. INDICATE: make the circles that signal the magic spires more obvious, and make that leap that the thing does have a windup.

3. HEALTH: JUST LOWER THE DARN THINGS HEALTH, it would take 10 seconds to fix this issue, because all that you need to do is make the second form have half or one third of it's current health.

I thank you for reading this review, this game is good, but anyone who plays it should just quit when they reach the boss because the fun ends there.

Gonna start by saying really enjoyed the game. Once you get used to it, the game is actually pretty easy. I feel like other reviewers are given this game a lot of unwarranted hate. By all means this isn't some masterful AAA flash game, but I feel as if we should be a little more lenient on our reviews. The games duel system is good for a flash game, it can start to feel bland when you're constantly battling the same characters with the same weapon, but the fighting is alright. Enemies definitely need some variety, and I did enjoy the game more when there were more weapons. The game is in desperate need of a pause button, a way to skip the opening cinematic (which has become obnoxious at this point), and possibly a way to save. With that all out of the way; I really enjoyed the game, it's very unique in it's approach at fighting and is something I haven't seen before one flash. I will be giving it a 5 star (even though it deserves a 3.5), for the fact that I feel people were reviewing the game low scores for trivial reasons, or were just trolling.

Okay, so I do want to say the game is REALLY cool! Like...shit, it's pretty cool! xD That being said there are some things that, in my opinion, could use some tweaking. First off, the hit detection mechanic can be a little janky. I like how you get a visual indication with text that says which stance the opponent is in. However, sometimes that indicator is blocked by the scenery (i.e. the grass in the foreground) or the weapons (though the weapons might just be me). Additionally, the boss at 16 is freaking hard dude...like, seriously, wtf xD. Now I will say, I didn't give it more than 3 tries, but from what I've seen in the comments, I'm not the only one who noticed this. I got the impression that a jump or dodge mechanic could've really helped with it. Otherwise, great game, man! I love the simplistic combat style (with the exception of 16 xD)!

Do you know most humans have TWO hands ? It could be smart to take advantage of this - let's say, controlling movements with the right hand on the arrows so you can concentrate on the fighting gameplay and its keys with the other hand...
Bonus points : it will make the game way more ergonomic for people whose keyboard is NOT a QWERTY.

As it is, I didn't even try playing it after the tuto...

popotsesthedragon responds:

Dude no one ever told you to just use one hand, jeez

Pretty solid. Could use a bit more fine tuning though, hit detection is a little wonky.

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2.59 / 5.00

Sep 23, 2017
2:32 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler