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DUEL: become # one

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This is an action game with a unique combat mechanic -- the Stance system. Fight through the ranks by mastering the art of sword fighting.

V 0.6

* Added story
* New boss
* Changed mechanics


'not pressing w or s' = pierce stance
'w' = overhand stance
's' = underhand stance
'a' = move left
'd' = move right
'j' = attack, (with no w or s = pierce, with s = underhand strike, with w = overhand strike)
'k' = special attack, (with no w or s = double pierce so 2x the damage, with s = parry strike enemy will 100% miss during attack sequence, with w =jump strike attack is unblockable)

'shift' = rollover, it has no dodge mechanic(something like an invincibility frame) because i think it is unpractical 'coz if you think about it if you just rollover in range of your enemy you would surely get hit. the only advantage it has is that it is instant so compared to just running away it is better. A well executed dodge gets you away from the enemy's range during its attack so aim for that instead of hoping for an invincibility frame.

The game is hard because that's what it is made for. It is hard because it is fair between player and AI. There are no advantages bestowed upon the player to make them feel strong. If you get rekt then you just got defeated by an AI that doesn't even take a full page to code. Study, practice and exploit the game mechanics and you'll see how rewarding it is to become number one and to be better than the rest. Good luck!

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This is an amazing game, all things considered, but I feel like a few things hold it back.
1: Hit detection is a bit janky, and you can sometimes end up inside your opponent.
2: The game is very easily spammable, in that rapidly changing stances can get you to the endgame with very little thought about your foes.
3: The final boss is... an odd choice. The unblockable attacks are a strange choice for a game all about clashing swords.

On the other hand, this game does quite a few things incredibly well.
1: The stance system is honestly amazing. I love being able to confuse my enemies and suddenly land a combo on them, so I love the ability to quickly swap from one stance to another.
2: The blocking system is insanely satisfying. I'm not overly happy about the rng involved, but the recoil on a block that doesn't break your enemy's defense will still allow you to get a hit in.
3: The Special attacks are a nice touch. Personally, I didn't find them too useful, but I love that they still have a use in that not using them will grant you a passive damage up.

Overall, a very fun, if slightly frustrating, game.