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Z to jump
X to shoot

Desktop version available at https://brlka.itch.io/overgrowth

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Is this game finite or endless?

The main negative aspect of this game is not knowing if it is worth to play more or is my current achievement enough - I have reached as far as lvl 8, and I have no clue is it worth trying to get further? Will there be an ending? If there is no ending then at least the game should have some high-scores scored on server so that players would know that game is endless for sure and could compete among themselves about the highest level achieved.

Other negative aspect is that sometimes when entering a new area vertically and unavoidable collision with enemies occurs resulting in a cheap death. And another negative thing is some inconsequential bugs, like monsters generated within walls that cannot attack or get attacked and ghost traces of shots when returning in areas where you have shot before.

Other then that I like the games ambiance and gameplay very much. The setting of a world taken over by vegetation is great , the muffled sounds are great and the ambient music is scary great. Shotgun jump mechanics are very fun.

I would like to give this game a better score if it had some little story, even if only as much as a single page of text and an ending with another page of text that finishes that story after some 10 -20 levels. Also the problem with cheap death caused by entering a new area with enemies should have been fixed, if it's too hard to do with level generation algorithms then perhaps the character should be given 3 health points and a health pack replenishing one health point would be found on each 2nd or 3rd level. This would make the game slightly easier but it needs to be done to compensate for the unfair unpredictable deaths.

tobyalden responds:

Thanks for the feedback! There is an ending, after you beat level 10, but you're right that it needs to be communicated to the player. I'm making Overgrowth 2 right now, and I plan on making it clearer. I've also fixed the cheap deaths and bugs you mentioned :)

I love the recoil mechanic, not the first time I've seen it but still cool. Nice and atmospheric too. Needs a lot more content though, it's all a bit too simple and samey.

No audio and painfully slow going.

Kind of slow, maybe it's my lap but even then there are many errors with the enemie placement. Sometimes they appear right next to me as I ascend to a chamber or sometimes are trapped inside a wall.

Doesn't work.