High Boom

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I dont know what to put here

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An absolute classic.

I'll write my review in English, then in poor Spanish.

~ Animation/Graphics ~

You have a really nice art style, but it is also very simple. I would like to see you grow as an artist and make things a little more detailed. The animation itself was smooth, but could be worked on a little bit as well. Adding a little bit more detail into the background would improve this submission a little more as well.

Tienes un estilo de arte realmente agradable, pero también es muy simple. Me gustaría verte crecer como artista y hacer las cosas un poco más detalladas. La animación en sí era suave, pero podría ser trabajado en un poco así. Añadir un poco más de detalle en el fondo mejoraría esta presentación un poco más también.

~ Story/Plot ~

I guess I didn't really get the punch line. Perhaps that's because English is my language. Since you are posting to a website that is almost primarily an English speaking website it may be a good idea to add optional subtitles on the bottom of the screen that people could toggle on and off. That way if they speak Spanish they can keep them off and if they speak English they can toggle them on.

Supongo que no conseguí la línea de golpes. Tal vez eso es porque el inglés es mi idioma. Puesto que usted está fijando a un Web site que sea casi sobre todo un Web site que habla inglés puede ser una buena idea agregar los subtítulos opcionales en la parte inferior de la pantalla que la gente podría alternar encendido y apagado. De esa manera si hablan español pueden mantenerlos fuera y si hablan inglés pueden cambiarlos.

~ Audio ~

I have no complaints at all here. Everything seemed good. It was kind of silent overall and could do with some more background sounds and voices. All in all good though.

No tengo ninguna queja en todo aquí. Todo parecía bueno. Fue un poco silencioso en general y podría hacer con algunos sonidos de fondo y voces. En general bien.

~ Overall ~

A pretty simple animation that could use a little bit of work, but pretty well produced. I'd highly recommend subtitles because of the population of the audience you'll have here.

Una animación bastante simple que podría utilizar un poco de trabajo, pero bastante bien producido. Recomiendo altamente subtítulos debido a la población de la audiencia que usted tendrá aquí.

~ Review Request Club ~

NickConter responds:

Thanks for the commentary, just a few think you should know:
- I actually did this almost a year ago and I first uploaded to YouTube with English subtitles (also don´t worry for the "story", it all started because I drew those two guys hi 5ing and my friends told me to animate it, so that is why it doesn't really makes sense)
- The most recent animation that i did was a 4 second animation in the Mama Luigi Project, so you can see if I have improved.
- I was bored one day and remembered that I used to watch a lot of Newgrounds back in the day (I don´t remember why, I didn't knew English back then) and I decided to upload the video here and see what happens, but I don´t know how to put English subtitles here.

In other words thanks for taking the time to review mi animation and I appreciate the criticism, I´m working on another one in between school and stuff, maybe i´ll do and Spanish and English version since it doesn't have voice acting.

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2.24 / 5.00

Sep 20, 2017
12:11 AM EDT
Comedy - Original