Mission 13 - Lost in Space

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You and your crew find yourselves lost in space! Make the most of the experience by discovering new solar systems and different astrological features such as the rare binary star. It's not all fun and games though, be sure to watch out for alien forces and battle them into submission in this open world style game.

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Pretty fun
Stars are easy to find, but planets are difficult
Still a bit buggy, since asteroids can pop out of nowhere sometimes and I managed to die on a planet but 'survive' and was locked until I wasted all my energy.


Can I give you some tips? You should do some parallax. And shooting should be by holding the left mouse button instead of pressing it. And it would be cool to have a map or something like that pointing where are the planets to land on. (Because it's kinda random when I find them. If you think it is important to not know where are they, maybe you could put some sort of radar noise that gets faster when you are next to planets).

Pretty boring, just flying around with nothing to do

You clever little jerk, you told us all exactly how to find the nearest heavenly body right from the start. The orbital mechanics of the system are all pretty much correct for just having boring circular orbits; if you want to figure out where the star is you have to figure out what everything in your local system is orbiting. You might need to follow an asteroid or a planet for a bit to figure out how it turns once it hits that point in its orbit, but once the circles are getting tighter and stuff is turning faster you're headed in the right direction. The planets are still a pain to find but I suppose we LOST in space, so that's not really your concern. I like how light and flickable feeling the ship is, and the quick little dogfights are actually pretty fun. I wish there was a little more story substance to it all, but it's not at all bad for a quick game about exploring a solar system.

I would like it if there were some way of telling which way to the nearest heavenly body. Radar or something.

I may have discovered the entire Omnicron Lupus system of planets, but that doesn't mean much if I can't find a star to recharge.

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3.37 / 5.00

Sep 19, 2017
1:29 PM EDT
Action - Other