Pong 3!

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Multiplayer 5 Points

Play the Player vs. Player mode

Welcome! 5 Points

Thanks for playing!

Zero 5 Points

Lose 0-10 against the Cpu or another player

#1 10 Points

Win 10-0 against another player

First Victory 10 Points

Win a game against the Cpu or another player

Friendship 10 Points

Lose against another player

Try Again 10 Points

The Cpu has won

Home-Run 25 Points

Score a point using the Green Power Up.

Trick 25 Points

Reach 100 points in the Player vs. Player scoreboard

Champion 50 Points

Win 10-0 against the Cpu

One Hundred 50 Points

Reach 100 points in the Player vs. Cpu scoreboard

Top 10 PVP 50 Points

Reach the Top 10 in Player vs. Player

Top 10 CPU 100 Points

Reach the Top 10 in Player vs. CPU

Author Comments

Please, read the description!!


-> Play against the Cpu or another friend!
-> Use 6 different power-ups to change the game's flow!
-> The first one to get 10 points wins!
-> Press Q to quit or R to restart if you win or lose.
-> Get to the top 10 in Newgrounds!!

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-> Yellow: increase ball's speed 1.25x
-> Red: increase ball's speed 1.6x
-> Blue: decrease ball's speed 0.75x
-> Green: "Definite hit", increase ball's speed 3x
-> Purple: score +2 points
-> Orange: create clones of the ball, but only the real one can score.


W / S -> Player 1
Up / Down -> Player 1 (only in Player vs. Cpu mode)
Up / Down -> Player 2
Backspace -> Pause
R -> Reset ball's position

(When paused) Q -> Quit (Main Menu)
(When paused) R -> Restart

C -> Turn on / off Camera Shake
M -> Turn on / off Music and effects
G -> Turn on / off particles gravity

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Stop making Pong remakes. I see this isn't even your first Pong game but you've made not one but two others.

Game freezes after every time you either win or lose, so that's a browser refresh after every win/loss then wait for the entire game to load again.

If you do happen to make top 10, you won't be awarded the medal unless you click Scoreboard on the main menu in the game itself. This isn't obvious and could be an annoyance for someone who made top 10 but then no medal.

Seriously though, move on. No more paddle ball clones from you -- come up with something else.

Gammes responds:

Hello, thanks for the review and for playing!

It's true, this isn't my first Pong game, it's the third, but it's the first made with Unity and using Scoreboards. Also, it's the first with powerups.

You need to press Q or R for quitting or restarting the game when winning or losing (Controls are in the description).

About the "top 10" medal, it's my fault, because it loads when you go to the Scoreboards section.

This was just a small game to familiarize myself with the Newgrounds API and Unity. By the way, I'm working on a new game! (nothing to do with Pong, though)

Nice, the power ups really help when you need to stick it to your opponent.

Gammes responds:

Thanks for playing! ^-^

3.5 Stars. The trails looked really nice and the powerups were a nice touch though I'd have liked more time to react when they spawn in my direction. It's actually a lot of fun too which is pleasantly surprising. I like how well you kept the aesthetic of the original with just a sprinkling of modern twists.

I'd prefer the particles to not have gravity, after all pong is supposed to be a top down representation of tennis.

There were times when I experienced a few small lag spikes. I'm running Unity in the background and a few other programs on an old laptop but still... I think there is a probably a lot of room for optimisation.

Maybe make it wait a little bit before freezing time after gameover, I want to watch the particles.

Gammes responds:

Thanks for playing! ^_^

I think the lag spikes are due to Unity, because they haven't optimise 100% the support of WebGL. But, I will try to optimise more the game : )

Also, I will fix the particles gravity, maybe adding a button to turn on/off the gravity.

Thanks for this amazing review!

all 5 stars ;D

Gammes responds:

Thanks! ^_^

Not a new type of game but is alright. The music is OK. Can you take this into concideration. The ball has officially left the screen. It is only 2 - 4 so maybe the out of bounds systm might need some work. If I am retarded and don't know how to bring the ball back, then please tell me how to (without having to restart.) If you can't then please fix this. There could be a little more to the background like an interesting bckground design or something along those lines. Nonetheless, it is a good game.

Gammes responds:

Thanks for playing!!

In which cases does the ball leave the screen? I didn't have that bug in development, maybe I can reproduce it, then fix it.

I'll take your idea into consideration : )

Credits & Info

3.09 / 5.00

Sep 17, 2017
3:04 PM EDT
Skill - Other