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DwE: Royal Guard

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Author Comments

This isn't intended to stand alone. It's an ancillary short story for the games "Dreaming with Elsa" and "Redemption for Jessika."

We originally did this as a perk for our patrons to fill in some of the background on one of the characters in those games.

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what a jigsaw the background and build is great

This is another well-crafted piece of the Elsa-verse jigsaw.

As the Elsa-verse continues to grow in complexity, its stories become more compelling. To those that have played Dreaming with Elsa and Redemption for Jessika, these two short stories provide background. The graphics and story lines mark these two creators as unique. Be patient there is more to come.

My grade for "Royal Guard" takes into account the context of the game, and how well it carries out it's task of bridging the narrative between different installments in the Elsa-verse series. If you haven't played the three main games (Dreaming with Elsa, Redemption for Jessika, & Finding Miranda), "Royal Guard" will be difficult to follow. It's still an entertaining game/story, but a lot of it will have Elsa-verse newcomers scratching their heads.

Royal Guard is a short game (only a few minutes to play). It contains nudity and sexy art, but no actual sex.

Interresting story about one of the main characters.
Nice graphics, like always.