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Arcalona is a huge RPG where you get to build your own base and upgrade your buildings while lvling up your heroes! Arcalona features a spell tree, attributes system, weapon equipping system and over 36 different enemies to fight your way through!

- The game automatically saves to the URL you are playing on, come back and resume playing anytime!
- Buildings will still build while you are offline! You will also continue to gain crystals, gold and food while away!

== Developer Notes ==

Wow this game has taken me over a year to make, my biggest Flash game ever, and my last before moving onto Unity. I hope you all enjoy it as it's my biggest and best game yet! I put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this. It's great to finally release it.

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This is several orders of magnitude larger than any other game you've worked on and it shows. Most everything looks and sounds great, though the music gets old somewhat quick. Gameplay wise I felt like this was pretty good, though as others have said strength and critical aren't terribly useful. I liked the mix of resource management/RPG elements, though at the end things seemed to take longer than necessary and I ended up using my computer's clock to skip forward and max out my stuff. (Respecing stats would be nice by the way, some abilities are unlocked at weird points that make it hard to have a consistent build from start to finish.)

I ended up stopping at World 5 due to a persistent freezing issue, but up until then I found myself making good use of many of the abilities and generally finding the game to be well done.

First of all, funny flash-game,nice work.

One thing, that really annoys, is the point, that after at return (continue) the characters ignore the boost from equipment. So, when you continue, suddenly the parameters have droppet, until you disequip and re-equip the items. Thus the first battle after a continue often ends bad, since my characters miss the boostvalues.

I will not repeat other reviewers and will not talk about how this game is too grind and useless strength and critical is and only useful stats are health and magic. These are defiantly valid, but it has already been said.

I want to point out some other problems:

- When you buy other island it appears on other screen but you cannot place buildings there because you can't scroll between screens with a building placement selected from main base. What happened instead was that I somehow placed my building in mid air between the old and new islands. Then the next time I reloaded the game there appeared an intermediary island under that building which was previously hovering in midair. I could reach to build new buildings to this intermediary building, thankfully, but I still had the island I bought bare and unusable.
- There is no New game option. The first time you start this game you click Play. After that this Play button is grayed out and you can only click Continue which let's you play the saved game. But you can't start a new game and start a new game you must when you realize that you have ruined your characters with putting points into strength. So you are forced to wipe your browser memory which will also delete saves for other games you don't want to get deleted. Not user friendly at all.
- Why can't I return to my home island by clicking it on map, like any other island? Only way to do it is by closing the map.
- Sound can only be turned off from your home island - why not during battle? I may have a phone ringing or door ringing during battle too you know?
- Cannon vs ship battles are boring and not fun. This feature should be removed or dock should give +3 to attack instead of +1 and +50 to health instead of +10.
- Factory should have more fun upgrades up to building level 20 and they should do more for heroes.
- All characters are mages. They all should ignore strength and just pump points in magic. The best end game attack for archer is opening a portal to hell. Wtf? Don't get me wrong - that attack is cool, but it doesn't fit an archer character at all.

On overall this game has a fine basic mechanics and good animation, but some things should be calibrated better and the interface mechanics mentioned above should be solved.

I'm upset. I thought I can resume back the game as it automatically saves on the URL. When I came back, and click Continue, nothing happened. And so I have to restart again. Feel like crying right now.

Credits & Info

3.72 / 5.00

Sep 16, 2017
2:26 AM EDT