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Kitten Adventure

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Help our brave Kitten Hero in this adventure. Fight monsters, avoid traps and solve puzzles. Loot and glory await!

I wanted to teach my daughter making games with Construct 2. This is the result.

We hope you´ll enjoy the game!



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Funnier than expected. Getting all 3 stars is pretty hard!!!

the game didnt start until i clicked the clockwork monster logo which was a link. thats a bit insistent :/
seems like a decent game though and its cool that ur being responsive and updating it

ClockworkMonster responds:

Mmm... Logo stays for 5 seconds, then Menu appears.

Maybe something went wrong during download, I´ll check the code.


Here's some feedback I can think off the top of my head that would be easy to do:
Have the character be able to jump off screen or add vertical scrolling to avoid having the character float across the ceiling.
Have the character go into the "push" animation when running against a wall instead of staying in run animation, it would look more natural imo.
Have enemies pause for a split second before turning around, this would give the player a chance to get out of harms way.

Anyways cool game, keep it up!

ClockworkMonster responds:

Very good ideas, specially the "warning" when enemies turn.

Thanks for your help!!

I have to echo the comment about the weapon hitbox being too small though I understand you wanting to promote the backstab mechanic. Perhaps give the enemies more hitpoints but backstabs are insta-kills? If possible bigger sprites would be cool too.

Great for a first game though! Keep at it.

ClockworkMonster responds:

You are right. We made lots of changes to the sword, since it made game too easy.

Next time we will make a simple "backstab" mechanic, not allowing frontal attacks.

And yes, game will be bigger. We started with a squares prototype... And ended with this.


It's ok, but the biggest issue I found was how tiny the weapon hitbox is and how large the enemy hitboxes could be.

ClockworkMonster responds:

The idea was to make the player attack enemies from behind. If they see you, they have advantage.

Anyway this should be improved. We will think in a better way to make backstabs. Thanks for your help!

Credits & Info

3.16 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2017
12:33 PM EDT