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Quick Mining is a easy and strategic mining game. The goal is to earn resources buy other mines and make products to sell them. You need your money to buy other mines and upgrades.

NOTE: All sell prices are changed now. you get more for batteries electronics and jewellery now. but a little less for products with one resource.

You can download the game for free (Windows, HTML5 and Android) here: http://software.friendsinwar.com/news.php?readmore=45

Change log:
V1.0.0 released on: 2017-09-18 :
* Better selling prices for your products.
* Only get resources and products depending on where you are with the green bonus

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Not a bad game addictive really wish you could save up the material to make the jewelry and batteries but it's not worth it compared to selling the stuff individually. The extra worker is insane at high lvl I don't even bother clicking anymore hes so fast. Pleeeeeeeaaase put an update through for this game would really like to see more.

MrDuck-XS responds:

Thanks for your review.
The game is updated with way better selling prices.

This is a clicker game that actually made me play it through in one go (took approx two hours, all I can do now is level up the worker´s speed/duration.)

However, I agree to the fact that the prices should be balanced a bit better (see below comments, gold = silver etc.).
--> Bonus waggons: They brought me too much income too soon, so I had the diamond, silver and gold mine before having the achievements for the other mines, and so I produced only jewelry. As long as you do not have the respective mine, if you get items from the bonus waggon you did not find/produce before, they should change to the highest value item you already got/produced instead - or their quantity should be only 1 - 5 instead of 150.
--> How about an "item value change": every 10 items of the same kind you sell within 5 minutes decrease the $ value for that item by 1 $, until a certain minimum $ price is reached. 3 minutes without selling increase the price again by 1 $, until a certain maximum price is reached. This way, the miner would have to actually select which goods he wants to sell at which time.
--> "Level up" for crafting items: I would add a percentage that crafting an item can fail. The more often you craft that item, the more experience/skill you gain in crafting it, and the "fail" percentage will decrease with this experience.
--> "Sale amount control": what is rather disturbing is that you have to sell everything yourself by clicking 1 by 1. Once the player reaches a certain breakpoint (you could use the achievements for this!), each click should sell 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / <enter number> items per click. ("enter number" = the player can put the amount, see the price and press "confirm" to sell all at once)
--> "Worker model": Ok, he is a mouse cursor. Why not give him a skin instead, like an actual worker? Actually, you could try to combine the high resolution background with a "pixel art" worker. Leveling up the worker could give him new tools or pickaxes in new colour, different boots (speed update) etc..
--> "Background change": depending on the mine you enter, a different background - or the same background but in a different colour pallette - should be shown (bit less boredom - "I want to see which background comes next so I keep on playing!").

Issue found: The green bonus waggon: When clicking it, the game slows down a LOT, until the menu that opens up to show which bonus you got, disappears or is closed with the "X".

This is all for now, keep up the good work!

MrDuck-XS responds:

First of all thank you very much for your great review.

I agree the the prices are a little bit weird sometimes. I will change and polish is soon.
For the ideas you had, thank you very much. i will take time to see if i can use something, i had already some ideas for future updates.

The lag when you got a green bonus wagon is the first thing i will delete. (This bug is only on the html5.)

But again thank you for your time and for playing.

The only thing I can advise is buying wagon cars themselves, they fill up the image of the mine more and more, which makes it easier to obtain the crushed stone (Enter The Shop >> Hire extra lod car)

The game has a general feeling of not being thought through. One example is that I get 100 when selling glass and 50 when selling fossil fuel. But it takes 8 fossil fuel to create one glass. I'd get 400 for selling the fossil fuel needed to create glass worth 100, and then you also needs quartz sand and limestone. Same with batteries. Just the lithium needed for batteries worth 200 can be sold for 255. This makes the whole game pretty pointless.

A minor thing is that you get the same money for silver and gold, while in real life gold is almost 100 times more expensive. Doesn't affect gameplay, but it adds to the "not thought through"-feeling.

could use more scenes

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2.59 / 5.00

Sep 13, 2017
2:54 PM EDT
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