Attack Robots, Sydney Alpha Test 0.1

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I present to you, your project, Attack Robots, Sydney. The game is under development, do not judge strictly. If you like this game, it makes sense to continue to do it. Here is not a finished level, end level boss.
The music on level, will be: street fighter vega for this test. Write your own:)

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not a bad game but I feel that if the sight range of the npc was reduced a bit or the movement speed of the pc was increased the game would be much more playable.

TIFkey responds:

Thanks, but work on the game continues:)

I like these types of oldschool platformer shooter games so I am sympathetic to the game getting finished, but still a lot of work needs to be done.

This demo level was actually still fun although it had a lot of issues, that need to be solved to compare to good games.

Main issue is the over the top difficulty. This level of difficulty would be acceptable for second to last level, but not for the first level or demo level. The character is stiff and cannot fire when jumping that makes him unable to retaliate if an enemy appears on screen after a jump. This leads to game becoming trial and error because you need to know what the and when the next enemy will appear to take best position and only then proceed. Either that or you must move a few millimeters forward and then pause to wait and check if anybody comes and then repeat making the game a crawl.

The character needs to be able to shoot more freely. Defiantly needs to be able to shoot during a jump.

To make the character more interesting some other ability could be nice, then just basic movement and shooting. Try crawling, double jumping or wall sticking. At least different weapons are a must have. Maybe try implementing ladders, but if you do - character must be able to shoot from them, but not climb while shooting.

If the attack is by spacebar (which I approve), then movement is more comfortable with arrow keys rather than wasd, because both wasd and space is left hand keys imho. Best is of course to make both options available because different people have different preferences.

For a level as long as this there needs to be some heart replenishment on the way, because it is too hard to make trough it with only two mistakes allowed.

The demo level is completely linear, add some optional paths to heart replenishment, other weapons and their ammo.

I think there shouldn't be indestructible turrets in this kind of game and the destructible turrets are fine with 3 hp if they are not special end game tough turrets.

There is an immortality bug that has to do with making two enemy soldiers climb on your head and detonate simultaneously after you move. If you have 1 hp before that, you will have -1 hp after that and all damage will increase the negative number making you only able to die from falling into a pit.

Health displayed over character's head is an interesting abnormality that I cannot decide about. On one hand it makes seeing the remaining lives easier then looking at screen corner. On other hand it covers screen and action. You might want to make a detailed options menu where things like that could be switched as the player prefers.

Of course final game needs multiple levels, bosses, max health boosters, different weapons, intro story, game over screen and victory screen or better a movie.

The graphics were nice, that part is already there.

I was like '' can't believe he actually took the sf vega soundtrack '' lmao
Well its alright as a game, it has its flaws like
Delayed controls
Enemy just barely appearing, and in half a second they throw a rocket at ya ass, and having delayed controls, and hard controling over the character, it quite becomes a challenge in trying to avoid such missels and hits ya know?

But the graphics ain't bad, I mean it can be a good game, just try and solve the bugs and make the character more aerodynamic, or if u don't understand what I'm trying to say, make it more flexible, more easier to control.
An example would be that the character could make a more longer jump. That could be good. Also something else that would work would be the character to actually move faster...? it doesn't sound bad imo

Tho as I said, not that bad. Some flaws here and there but hey, the only way you can improve is but making mistakes here and there.

GG 3.5/5

Seems alright; fun music choice; looks decent
Controls seem stiff and it sucks not being able to jump n shoot.
More air control would be great.
And enemies seem a bit fast to react to at the start

Some features that would help.
> A 2nd jump, perhaps a rocket jump?
> Able to look ahead in a direction (or make the visible area bigger at least)

The artwork is nice on this, and I like the music too. The controls, however, need work. The dropping speed is particularly off. It also starts out too difficult; give the player a little bit of time to work things out. And as others have said, the key placement is weird. Space to shoot? No arrow key option?

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2.76 / 5.00

Sep 13, 2017
11:46 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other
  • Daily 3rd Place September 14, 2017