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​You have to draw lines to walk on them to reach the door and to avoid enemies ! This is the main concept of the game but there is a lot of difficulties in this game because there is hidden things in the game and turrets that will shoot you and destroy your lines ! So be aware of yourself.

If you want to download it : https://belga.itch.io/draw-the-way


You dive into the game expecting a classic platforming game aided by drawing your own platform. Immediately, you hear a background music that does not feel good to the ears; hence, you lower the volume. The first level greets you without any indication of how to play the game properly. You draw a line on top of what looks like spikes. You press a key to go left and the player drops down to where you drew the line. You find that you can't jump and you can't walk because the ceiling hits you. Hence, you reset the level. You tried covering the spikes and making slopes all the way to the end of the level. The second stage greets you. Then you realize that the game is not worth your time.

Next time, please play-test you game and ask someone else to choose the music for you.

Just... no. It was a good idea, but the effort put into it was just not enough, sorry. I think you should devote yourself a lot more into game developing if you think about posting some online. Keep working and trying!

This game has potential, but could use a lot of work. The player character should have some form of animation, since having him be a still picture looks awkward. You also seem to have used shape tools a lot, which is not something you should do. Things look much better when they're drawn manually, even if they look a bit off. Some menus options when you start or pause the game would be great, like an option to turn off the music. One last thing that you could do to improve the game is to make each screen larger, to have more room. It's pretty difficult to create any good puzzles with a screen this cramped, so zooming it out should allow you more options with the level design.

Now for some positives. The concept has potential, you can create some pretty interesting puzzles with this mechanic, I think you should focus on that in the future. The option to download the game is a good touch. It's unnecessary right now because the game is so simple, but if you choose to improve the game (or make any other game really) this is a good thing to have as an option.

I'm gonna have to rate this pretty low. This game needs a lot of work, but I think this could become something really good, so keep going!

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Could be much better

Why put such a crude game?! Give every one level as a demo and then develop

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2.15 / 5.00

Sep 13, 2017
9:39 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other