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Stick Fighter RPG

rated 3.64 / 5 stars
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Action - Fighting - VS

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Sep 12, 2017 | 7:57 PM EDT

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Author Comments

After a shipwreck, you wash up on shore in an unfamiliar land.
This land has been ravaged by war and is unforgiving even to the strongest.
With survival being so hard, you must battle for everything you get.

IMPORTANT: The game box may stay blank for a few minutes, but should load on its own.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

me gusta esta juego rpg


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Does anyone know how to unlock more characters? Is it just random chance that we will encounter an unlockable character? Or is there a specific step/condition in order to get more unlockable characters.

ExtinctionGames responds:

As you progress through the game you will encounter unlockable characters in fights. By beating them you will unlock them.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

I like how simple the controls are and I like the game play all together. I'm giving you four stars because I would've wanted to know what the different weapons are called and I think you based this off of Shadow Fight? Well, anyways the game is good just give it more updates and I think there needs to be more complicated controls because you are either pressing 'Z' or the down arrow and 'Z' repetitively. I also wish that this game had more of the 'survival' aspect to it because you are stranded on a war-torn island and in real life you don't survive by killing other people. This game is a good game though and I enjoy playing it. Can you also make more backgrounds for the game?

ExtinctionGames responds:

Thanks for the feedback. It's good to see thought out messages like this.
I'm not too sure what Shadow Fight is to be honest. Dark Souls probably gave me a little more inspiration than anything.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Decent, but I fail to understand some of the ideas behind the whole progress the player is meant to go through.

First, the weapon selection menu isn't giving us any information on the weapons whatsoever apart from which one you're picking. No idea what the upgrade does, and you can't try them in your "home" either.

Then, the default weapon is far too effective compared to others you can grab throughout the game. The very first two handed weapon I grabbed was in every point except damage worse. It even had a smaller reach and the damage output wasn't much better for a weapon that eats most of your default stamina bar in two swings. The traveler's default sword simply reaches way too far for not only a one-handed weapon but a starter weapon as well.

Also, the fighting is mediocre at best. The idea is basic in theory but the execution has its up and downs.
Starting with the fact that the AI is far too unpredictable. Sometime it will just cower into a corner and let itself get bullied while others it will just dodge every single one of your attacks and combo you to death ! Some of the controls are also seemingly unresponsive and simply lets you get stunlocked with still some stamina to spare.

Finally, probably the most absurd point in my opinion, is the progression system. Most of the time you barely get anything apart from upgrade material, extra XP or the absolute worse : an arena ... Whenever you finally get a weapon or armor, chances are you're not even gonna use it because you already upgraded your previous equipment, or it doesn't even fit your playstyle/fashion to begin with.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

This game has a lot of repetition when it comes to the fighting and it can be tedious, but I liked the variety of weapons and characters. I didn't play long, but I wasn't sure if there was a lot of plot to the game. If there was then the game moves slowly in terms of story in the beginning but faster when it comes to collecting the weapons and leveling up. What I liked best about this game was that the controls and gameplay were really easy to understand.
If you don't mind grinding for quite some time and like the fighting aspect of this game, then I would recommend it for you.

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ExtinctionGames responds:

I appreciate your feedback. Hearing about what people think is helpful.