Before the Strawberry Moon Sets Demo

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Rowan Connors is fifteen years old, enrolled in Blue Ridge High School, and has a bit of a reputation as a troublemaker. In fact, after marking up private property, pulling pranks on tourists, and occasionally stealing things all summer, it's not entirely undeserved...

Then on the first day of sophomore year, Rowan meets Raeburn Westley, a very traditional, divorced art teacher.

And from there begins Rowan's story of self betterment, or falling further into delinquency.


Lots of bugs but looks very promising.

Considering all the art classes in this game, one would assume that the game art itself would be better. Sorry, but the game looks as if it has been drawn and written by 15-year olds. Also, it seems as if my choices didn't have a lot of an impact (as in, I acted all nice and did proper things and still got called out for "behavioural problems")
Also, the game just apruply ended, or rather, refused to continue after I sat down in the front again during second detention...not sure if that was a bug or intended to be the end of the demo.

All in all, the plot idea itself and the general character design is fine, but hire a better writer and a better artist to make it less cringey.

Couldn't get this to work in Chrome. The frame was way too big and every time I scrolled up, it kept going to a screen with a "Blue Ridge High School" book. I hit "Back" and got some dialogue, but the screen kept going to "back" page. I gave up. Couldn't hear any music either.

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A bit long for a suposed demo, but the art is pleast to look aat.

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2.87 / 5.00

Sep 12, 2017
6:02 PM EDT
Adventure - Other