F.H. Memento: Love Beyond

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Forgotten Hill residents are not immune to love, but since we are in Forgotten Hill, things don’t go exactly the way you expect…

Solve puzzles and riddles using your mouse and investigate in the memories of Forgotten Hill residents, start unveiling their secrets about the past, the present and the future...

Thanks everyone for playing F.H. Memento: Love Beyond!
A short clarification:

Love Beyond is one of "Forgotten Hill Mementoes", a series of mini-games aimed to reveal memories, secrets and episodes from the past of Forgotten Hill residents.
That's why the story doesn't start where the "main" episodes end, because we are peering into the past...
Hope you enjoy!

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its funny how its rated E but has suicidal scene at the end but besides that a very interesting story and creepy as well. Truly amazing!

creepy and clever. difficult for me but fun

Great story and the puzzles were challenging but not frustrating, always a plus in a good PnC.

Another good entry.

I thought the riddles were good at all levels - not hard, but they required lateral thinking.

A pattern I see in these games - the first puzzle is illogical (in this case, the paintings), but the rest are.

Lol, this is why a man needs game. To not develop oneitis for a broken woman. You can't get more suspicious a woman then a ghost demanding "energy" of your child to get back to life.

I was wondering - if the girl says it is his lab - then all those security puzzles were set up by the man himself right? He must be suffering from memory losses. And overall craziness to keep pictures that creepy in his house where his child plays.

As for the game - it was a bit too short and a bit too easy, with keys to puzzles being a little bit too obvious. One of best puzzles was with the roman numerals, was a bit harder to do it with roman numbers then the usual Indian numbers.

But the story was interesting. It was like in a horror movie when you watch a character do something stupid and say to him - don't do it! But this time it is you who is dong the stupid thing to progress into the game - a thing that would be incredibly destructive and stupid in real life. Strange feeling and experience consciously leading your character into doom and I think it is the main strong point of the game, because puzzling was very basic.

To make these types of horror adventure games even better I would urge the author to consider a full screen option and a specialized animated cursor in the same theme as the game. This will add a lot to the immersion factor.

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4.01 / 5.00

Sep 12, 2017
4:43 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click