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This is a little thing I recently threw together. It's a song library (or it could be called a soundboard) of the level songs on the first three Mega Man games. This will probably appeal to fans of Mega Man only. I know these songs are very nostalgic to me personally, it might be the case for you as well, if you've played these great video games.

If alot of people like it and it doesnt get blammed, i'll make one for Mega Man 4 through 6 as well.

I hope you find this enjoyable.


Very good idea

In my own honest opinion, Megaman 2 has the best music ever :D. I also noticed these songs were actually ripped directly from the game, as you could hear megamans 'blip' noise when he teleports in. For future attempts, you could try to get ahold of the music and put them in from proper files.

Good work, and keep it up.

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Nice idea with room for more

What can I say? Megaman has spawned amog the best tunes of all time. There isn't much, even up to date, that has the slightest chanse of giving the "Blue bomber" a fight.

What about this program then? Sertaintly the idea is great. However there is a few things I'd like to comment.

First is the gap in the loop. Don't know about the difficulties it would involve fixing but I think they could be minimized a bit more.

Secound, the Wily-stage music from MM2 is probably THE best song of
all time. I know this is a bossstage music only but you get my point. Soooo good a song.

Third: The text could apear faster, that would be comfortable.

Forth: Yes! We want a MM 4-6 jukebox ;)

This was great! Please Make Mega Man 4-6, Thanks!

Good job, this was great! Please, You do need to and should make Mega Man 4 through 6's Bosses Stages Music, Thanks!


Can you do 4-6

How about some "Rush"

w00t w00t Spark man song

You rock my friend!!

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Nov 19, 2002
8:13 AM EST
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