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This is a little thing I recently threw together. It's a song library (or it could be called a soundboard) of the level songs on the first three Mega Man games. This will probably appeal to fans of Mega Man only. I know these songs are very nostalgic to me personally, it might be the case for you as well, if you've played these great video games.

If alot of people like it and it doesnt get blammed, i'll make one for Mega Man 4 through 6 as well.

I hope you find this enjoyable.


Yay! Megaman-music! Make more!

This is my first review ^^ i like this one.
Been search'in for all the mageman-musics but cant find em all.
Maybe you can make us able to download em from the movie ^^ id really like those songs...
But make another one.
Think ill dig upp my old nintendo and start playing Megaman again. ^^

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ahh so many memories, makes me wanan play the game again :looks for NES:

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Not bad. I enjoyed the old music. But it needs something else like video here or there of the scene where you have to fight the boss. Good job with something to do while it preloads. So many other submissions of large size just make you sit and wait. All in all it did bring up the nostalgia I expected. Reminded me how much fun I had playing the games. I need to go down load the mods to play.
~Quality Control

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Kinda novel but...

It needs that extra something to seperate this from just another sound player. Mouseovers perhaps, button pressing sounds, better buttons to switch between the games, better graphics other than the ripped sprites. Add that and I think you got yourself a winner. BTW, I liked the preloader with the different bosses, my only other advisement there is to let people know they can do that while it's loading. Pretty it up a bit and things will be great.

~Real reviews are the key!

xritualfaminex responds:

and real reviews will always be appreciated here. To be brutally honest, i was in a slight rush to get this up, it's been about 3 months since i've submitted anything. All that you said will be taken into consideration though. thanks.


i always loved megaman music for the nes( or psx remakes) good job for putting some of the best ones on here megamans 3 music is the best!

xritualfaminex responds:

thanks alot for the compliments. i personally love snakeman's theme the best. =)

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Nov 19, 2002
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