DwE: Learning to Fly

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This isn't intended to stand alone. It's an ancillary short story for the game "Dreaming with Elsa."

We originally did this as a perk for our patrons. It shows what Elsa and Jason are up to after the events of the game.

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Its all black D:

tlaero responds:

It doesn't look black to me. And there have been 45K other people who have looked at it and haven't reported it failing to work. Do you have some kind of setting to block erotic content or something?


I like this a lot! However i was wondering, is there a way to download this? It's hard for someone like me, to actually be able to enjoy something like this. my resource for internet is using the wifi at my library and where i live i'm not able to have internet :(

tlaero responds:

Yes. All of my games are available for free download from my patreon page. You don't need to be a patron.



What a wonderful expanion to the Dreaming with Elsa univers, while it doesn't quite live up to the originals (being that they are full games) in the context of itself it is an excelent game still deserving of high marks. While I'd love to give it a perfect 5 stars the lack of an explanation behind the game knocks of that 1/2 star. In adition to that this feels more like something that would show up in the video section of newgrounds as it does not feature any branching paths or anything that would cause it to be catagorized as a game. However I have not let that affect my rating as that is more of a gray area as pieces like this have appeared in both locations.

This has me wanting to go back and finish Dreaming with Elsa. I have 3 more achievements and if the bonus scene is anything like it was in Redemption for Jessika I'm sure it is not something to miss.

Overall wonderful job and keep them coming, I'll make sure I do the same ;D

tlaero responds:

Thanks mastermagmortar.

I'm open to putting the short stories in places other than where they are. I haven't found an option that really makes sense for them. I considered Movies but the ones I looked at were all "press play and sit back and watch." I'm worried that a "click to read" story would annoy someone looking for a movie more than it's currently annoying people looking for games.


Learning to Fly is favorite of the Elsa-Verse short stories. The visuals are amazing (some of Mortze's best work, imo), and the story, while simple, is still entertaining. As is the case with all of the "short content" games from Tora productions, my score for the takes into account the game's role in the larger scheme of things. If you played this game, and were confused about exactly what was going on, go check out Dreaming with Elsa and it will make a lot more sense.

imagine you're walking around and then you look up and two people are fucking doing anal.

tlaero responds:

It's not clear from this ancillary story (it assumes you played Dreaming with Elsa), but this is all happening in Elsa and Jason's dreams and is private to them. No real person could see them flying.


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3.11 / 5.00

Sep 10, 2017
3:41 PM EDT
Simulation - Other