I woke up next to you again.

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A visual novel about a more-than-one-night stand and addiction.
There are 4 endings.

I had the idea and I really wanted to make it so here it is ^^ Hope you enjoy.

Keyboard-only directions:
* WASD/arrow keys to pick choice
* Space/enter to submit choice
* Esc to pause

itch.io - zephyo.itch.io/i-woke-up
GameJolt - zephy0.gamejolt.io/iwokeup

OML Front-paged!? Thank you newgrounds!!


amazing what a long way a static illustrated stare can go.
the black and white drawings combined with the music create some intense atmosphere that really works well with the emotional content and elevates it tremendously.
but something about the design makes it unclear at some places who is the speaker. I think the the players text and the girl's text should be designed differently so it will always be clear and following the story will be a breeze.
nicely done.

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i love it. i think of it like the person is like a drug, or like smoking, because you can get addicted to him/her, or battle your addiction. all in all, its great

This game is about addiction, for everyone who is wondering. The person, him or her (who ever you choose to be with in your "one night stand") is representing addiction. You can either choose to indulge in addiction by allowing them to have a two night stand, three night and so on, this means you give into the addiction. But another choice allowes you to fight it and break free from addiction and give that person/addiction up and live a happier and more healithier life style by doing so. Hope this helps ;)

also to the creator, I loved this and I watched the youtube videos you did of it being made! very cool and creative concept and I can't wait to see and play more of your stuff! Thank you.

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zephyo responds:

aw, thank you!! ^_^ You're on point with that interpretation!

still thinking really hard about this one. im going to have to change the way i do some things, and how i look at the fun stuff i do

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Interesting game but the music very confusing and tiring. Makes the game impossible to play.

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4.04 / 5.00

Sep 10, 2017
10:10 AM EDT
Simulation - Other