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Literally Hell Intro

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Great, now I WANT to go to hell. Time to sin like there is no tomorrow...

Nice! I'm really diggin' the series 'Literally Hell' too. Top stuff!

P.S: I also apologise immensely as I went to view this and my mouse clicked on the 'voting system' section and accidentally hit '1'! :/ - not at all what I intended to do and I can't seem to undo it for some reason (?) ... so I hope my rating and review here somewhat makes up for that... keep up the great work!

guitarrob responds:

Thank you so much. I'm glad you like the series so far. :)

Don't worry about the voting thing. Just as long people generally like my animations that's all I care about lol.

Yeah, you made it this time! Well done. Same thing with the last review, only without the spelling mistake. Yeah.

guitarrob responds:

Thank you so much. :)

Sorry that I didn’t get a chance to reply to your last review. I wanted to change it because of the spelling error that I made. :P

I’m glad you like my animation. I’ll try my best not to make any more spelling errors next time. ^^;