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Harlot's Path

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Author Comments

Harlot's follows in her mother's footsteps in this 8+ hour RPG. containing 8 re-playable sex events that unlock more features as you progress.

This is the first game I've made where you can donate $1+ on Patreon to unlock content:


Currently, donating unlocks Facial cumshots and Monthly sex events.

If you don't donate, you can play the game to Level 15 to unlock everything for free. The monthly content unlocks automatically, on the 16th of every month.


Lv:15 not unlocking Extra Sex Scenes: unlock or UNLOCK

CHEAT codes (not for normal usage!):

silly =Kill Mayor's Wife, Run around Nude

ending =watch ending again:

daddy =Change baby's father (when pregnant):

Made with RPG Maker MV in HTML 5 format. Supports Touchscreens but plays best on a desktop using Google Chrome with keyboard.

* Download Version 1.11b:


Mac Version: v.1.10a


Walk Though: Updated to Day 25 now!



1.00: Release.

1.01: Bug fixes including LV:15 access problem.

1.02: New background music. Will change if people dislike it.

1.03: 30-day time-limit removed. Farm Timer removed. Ending fixed.

1.04: Cum in Pussy unlocks for Lai and Trickster after talking to Mayor. House Repairs now done up to Window Flowers. Added in Silly Stuff: Kill Mayor's Wife, Walk around Naked, Wash your clothes...

1.05: Mayor Sex Scene: Anal and Vaginal Sex. 3 cumshots. Also added in Pregnancy chance from internal cumshots. Different bonus depending on who impregnated Harlot.

1.06: Spa Sex scene: Threesome with 3 cumshots so far.

1.07: Brothel working for 3 sex acts. Abby joins your team with skills and new dialog for all NPCs. Brothel cum layers stay on for the next customer.

1.08: Vine Guard invites Friend or Abby for gangbang. Same idea in the Brothel. Mary joins your party with 1 sex event.

1.09: Mary Sex event with Lamer. 5 secret areas and Events. Started 'Happy Ending' for Harlot.

1.10: Cecilia Sex Event with some animation! and 3 vegetable-finding locations.

1.11: Orc Gangbangs unlocked. Must buy Collar from Farm Granny. Two more vegetables (corn, squash) for Cecilia.

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how do you find the scuba mask? i've looked in the caves and can't find it, is there a secret area in there or is it in the one part of the caves that is too dangerous for harlot to enter? one more thing, how can i get mary into the village?

SlingBang responds:

Both of those things were 'in progress' when I moved on to my next game, so they were not finished. The last thing finished in this game is the Orc Mountain area which gives some vegetables for Mary to play with.

If you do decide to continue working on the game (which i really hope you do :), then the one thing I would like to see is for Harlot to actually look pregnant when she is pregnant. It's kinda weird when they talk about it but she never has a belly bump in the scenes. Other than that it's a great game. Maybe a few more possible ways for her to get pregnant or to give birth and have kids running around would be cool too. Either way good job.

SlingBang responds:

Sorry, I missed your comment. If I continue working on Harlot's Path, I can expand the pregnancy options and add a Pregnant belly effect. Kids would be more difficult, but I'd give it a try.

Hi, I have to say I adore this game, every time I play I find something new. Are there any plans for updates at all?
Also I was wondering how to use Mary in the village, I've managed to get her, Abby, and Harlot down there, but there haven't been the option.
Kinda random, but is Harlot wearing a shirt and skirt or a dress? Her sex event with Lamer she had a shirt on, but all the other it's a dress?
All in very good, and very funny.

SlingBang responds:

Honestly, after replaying this game from start to finish recently, I must say I seriously considered continuing work on it. However, the problem is still the RPG-Maker builder interface.
Partly it's my fault as I originally designed it ONLY for Harlot, and then players wanted all the other women in the village to join in too. Haha! Unfortunately, every new woman I add to the team requires 100% copy-paste ( and changing ~thousands~ of pointers from Harlot to the new woman. Not exaggerating. Every skill, item, clothing, dialog, image, and variable has to be MANUALLY switched ) for EACH sex event. I did it for the first two events for Mary, but it was weeks of work... only doing copy+paste. Really basic, boring, repetitive, non-artistic, and not good code writing... So, Mary only has 2 events and I'm not sure if I can overcome that obstacle. I Might release the v1.12 update someday, (which has the spa cave and some other things) but can't say when.

Shirt or Dress? Oops, you're correct! Haha! I never even noticed that until you mentioned it. Also, glad you like the humor. I was actually laughing out loud while replaying it, having forgotten all the jokes after all these years.

Was wondering if the 1.10 and 1.11 stuff is available here. I cant seem to find out how to do it.

SlingBang responds:

Yes, a few areas are not enabled, mainly the Spa Cave, the secret mist-shrouded path near the Trickster, and Abby joining in with Cecilia. These events are working in v1.12 but it has NOT been released here... I may update this game again at some future time...

However, after playing for 8 hours, I got the Orc Collar and finished all the events with Cecilia. So, this IS ver.1.11! How to proceed:

Abby needs to reach level 9 and learn Double Dealer. Then, train Mary until she has joined your group. Next, talk to Timmy the Carrot boy to steal a Carrot. Finally, talk to Cecilia and her event will unlock. Play Cecilia 10 times to get the Granny to offer the Orc Collar. After buying the Orc Collar you can sneak past the tree below Sherman, the Farm Guard, to access Sunset Cliff. (You must first catch 5 fish and give them to the Camping guy to unlock the Tree-Sneaking skill) Sneak past a few more trees to reach the top right corner and enter the Orc Mountain. Be sure to enable Muscle Control before meeting the 3 Orcs gangbang or you'll be knocked out. Then, grab all the veggies there and try them out on Cecilia!

I was wondering if the game is still being updated and worked on?

SlingBang responds:

No, I generally ran out of story ideas for the game and was just adding more characters which led to the point where there were so many sex interaction possibilities I had to code for, and RPG Maker is terrible for adding in functional choices so I was getting hundred line if_then statements... Finally, I just gave up.

So, you can consider Harlot's Path finished when she's done decorating the Brothel and is a self-employed Brothel Owner.