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UPDATE: Front page?!? Oh wow, thanks guys! :D

Play as the humans in a new "Astrocreep" adventure, struggle to determine who on your crew is not really human...but don't get too close...

Random elements ensure a different experience every playthrough. Who will you trust?



W,A,S,D keys navigate
S key talks to characters, furthers conversations
Mouse aims weapon
Left click shoots weapon
Mouse also selects response options in conversations
W key interacts with objects
Shift key switches weapons


pretty good game so far though if you die from someone when you ask for there blood the text still shows here's my runs
first run: murdered everyone at the party
second run: died at party
third run: died at party
forth run: girl walked towards me that wasn't the thing i shot her ;^; then embraced death
fifth run: killed a guy that came close to me wasn't the thing acsadently shot trevor killed the only girl not crouching and ran out of bullets before i killed her
sixth run:refreshed the game cause i was stuck
seventh run: let myself get killed by the thing to see who it was
eighth run: tryed to kill him but he killed me
ninth run: bathroom guy killed me
tenth run: brought the test from the first house to her and got killed by trevor
eleventh run: killed by second house girl
twelvth run: shot the thing and it killed me
thirteenth run: won

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TheMillz responds:

13th times the charm

MAn this game is really good great

good game but it is lagging very hard but a really nice game

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TheMillz responds:

Sorry to hear that man, big projects tend to lag went ported to a browser, you may be interested in downloading the desktop version for a more consistent framerate :


Thanks for playing glad you liked it

Cool game. The parts I played where a bit easy to predict story wise, since I've seen some parts of a certain movie staring Kurt Russel ;)

When I say the parts I've played, is because of some critical bugs.

1. gameplay: Got killed two times at the first part, before figuring out what not to do, do fault there. But, after the blood part where completed and i began the next part I died because I did the test standing right next to monster. When the games loaded the lasted check point the screen just went black with sound playing. Since I really wanted to see how the story goes on I refreshed the browser hoping for the best... unfortunately that meant I had to start all over...

2. gameplay: I rushed through the game this time, and even investigated the location before discovering what where going on. This time I let myself die on the first event because I killed a bystander by accident, and I wanted as many people to be alive as possible. Blood part where done with no problems, but when it came to the next part (temperature) everybody passed the test!?!... I therefore went on a killing spree and killed everybody, just to see what that did, and it did... nothing...

You did a great work on the game, I fx noticed that the host on the first part changed making a replay of the game more likely. And I also noticed on my 2th play that the dialogue changed because I investigated the scream. I really like stuff like that.

I really like this game, and I feel sad that the bugs damage the play experience. I do recommend that new players at least try the game though, I got a few spooks out of it (note that I'm not big on horror)

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TheMillz responds:

Thanks for the detailed review. I'm sorry the game bugged on you a little, it sounds like a cop-out but it's true to say as an html5 game, it's not as stable as I would like, being so large ( due to audio for each character ) it's a bit all over the map. I would recommend downloading the desktop version, which in addition to being more stable and smoother running, has the added bonus of being fullscreen. You can download it here ( if you have windows ) for free:


Also, the temperature part seems to have confused many players. There is a trick to it I think most people simply miss, because talking to Isabel after the initial hint about it after the microscope is sabotaged actually straight up tells you how to do it. In order to manipulate the air conditioners ( different then just switching them off and on ) to be super cold to see the breath of people, you need to collect the SCREWDRIVER which can be located in dive storage inside the toolbox. I guess I could have made that a little more obvious, but again, it does work.

um, telekinesis/psychokinesis is what moves things; telepathy is reading thoughts... still, I love these kinds of games... the movement using keyboard AND mouse is a bit awkward, but I got through it. ;) LOVE this. Did anyone else shoot Rebecca, because dumb mad scientist?

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Sep 8, 2017
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