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First Time 5 Points

Went on your first date.

But Nobody Came 10 Points

Got stood up.

Cat Fish 10 Points

You got fished by a cat!

Dating Deity 10 Points

Been on 100 dates.

Dinominance 10 Points

Slapped a dinosaur.

Monkey Business 10 Points

Chimp stole your money!

Senpai 10 Points

Met your stalker.

Wrath of the Witch 10 Points

Made a witch angry!

XXXXX Files 10 Points

Taught an alien to love.

Soul Fish 25 Points

Successfully dated your first soul fish!

Standards 25 Points

Swiped left 1000 times.

Thirsty 25 Points

Swiped right 1000 times.

One Paanch 50 Points

Finished a date with one move.

Sensei 50 Points

Learnt all the dating moves.

Soul Whale 50 Points

In the arms of your Soul Whale.

Perpetual Motion 100 Points

Had 1000 successful dates!

Author Comments

Oh wow, damn. Front paged? Thank you everybody! It's not the best game but hoping to make better games for the community in the future!

Swipe through thousands of beautifully generated people and find your Soul Fish in the sea!

This is a game I made after messing about on dating apps for a summer vacation.

DATE FIGHT is also available for Android devices on the Google Play Store!


This game is a fine parody of dating culture and the absurd and entitled people you can encounter in this age when people believe their narrow opinions hold more weight then truth and objective values. The best part of this game is humor. The variations of funny and absurd things NPC say is huge and sometimes a real gem can be found. Some of my favorites are alien saying "So this is love" after you use mean insults on him or a date saying like "I want bad people at my wedding" or "I want fat people at my funeral" or similar absurd things. Nice parodies of recent cultural topics - "Game of Stools" is my favorite. The variations of looks is also nice and comes close to variations of things they can say.

The gameplay is primitive and boring - play this only if you want to see some funny lines and absurd parody of people's entitlement and opinions. Lol at Kolter's review who tries to analyze this game from a strategic perspective and wants to make this about some strategy, this reviewer totally misunderstood the principle behind this game. While the gameplay could be a bit more sophisticated, if it were too hard it would distract from the main purpose of this game which is to be a parody.

What I didn't like is the huge requirements of dates to have to get all the medals. It took a long time for me to get them all and while the variety of pics and lines was large, it wasn't large enough to still be interesting after some 300th date, and I just didn't read any lines after that and played the game mechanically while watching a youtube videos on other monitor. It becomes a chore to get these medals.

It's kind of weird that the character get's divorced after 8 years all the time, he should be a few centuries old by the time last medal is acquired which happens at around lvl 500. Since first soul fish comes at lvl 100 and then reoccurs after every 10 levels the time span would be (500-100)/10*8=320 years. Maybe those 8 years spent in marriage hould have been changed to a few months instead.

BigBossErndog responds:

Haha, that's quite an interesting perspective on the time span of the game. It's 8 years until marriage because statistically on average couples get divorced 8 years into marriage.

Thanks for the feedback about the game, I'm definitely using this and a lot of other reviews to make my next game more fun! :D

Funneh game.
Too bad I could not do anything but "flee" from a feamale turned out to be mah stalker. T_T
I'm kinda into Yandere.)

BigBossErndog responds:

Haha thanks :)

best game of 2017 but the battles is with another players?
sorry by the bad english

While I do enjoy the random characters, the lack of any sort of tutorial or instructions is a problem. However, the low rating is due to the fact that you can't escape the options menu.

BigBossErndog responds:

Ah, I was hoping the interface would have been simple enough and self-explanatory, but it seems it's not the case. I'll perhaps put a bit of a tutorial in future games.

You can escape the options menu by clicking the little back button in the lower left corner.

Thanks for your review :)

This is fun as a novelty game but overall does not have a lot of depth.
First I want to point out the parts of it that are appealing.
Randomly generated characters make for a large variety of individuals with unique 'personalities' and movesets. Even though the variations are simple, this made for more interesting gameplay.
The selection of player moves available also allows for a variety of gameplay allowing you to mix and match play styles.
The interface is simple and easily understood through simple fiddling with keys; no tutorial is necessary. The memes were also occasionally amusing even if they got old after a while.

However there are a number of things that could use some improvement. I will not necessarily refer to these as cons but they do limit my enjoyment of this game.
I'm going to start with something simple. The game needs a Cancel button. There have been times when I clicked 'Edit Profile' accidentally when I didn't actually want to edit the profile. Another problem is the fact that dates disappear and move on to the next one when you move away from the main screen even if you did not swipe left. This makes it annoying when there is a date available that is the right level and I want to check moves or check the options, and I come back to a candidate that is not as ideal for gaining experience or money. Now on to the other things more involved with gameplay!
The game is missing balance. What I mean is that there are moves that are evidently better than previous moves and have no penalty for being better than the older moves. Obviously these moves will see the most use because they are the most practical. The only thing that could be considered a penalty is their higher price, but even that is a low barrier of entry.
In Pokémon games more powerful moves tend to have less PP or have lower accuracy, and this adds an element of risk to using the moves. Use it too much and you'll run out of it, use it in a crucial point of the battle and you have the fear of missing.
Adding PP would not only be beneficial to discouraging overuse of powerful moves, having a limit to move usage is good in general. This prevents players from being able to spam healing moves infinitely. Admittedly this problem could be gotten around by using buffs. (P.S. While buffs are spammable, I believe the buffs and debuffs actually top out at +6 and -6 respectively but the message box does not display this fact. Do you think you can employ a quick fix that says "x's y cannot go any higher."? Thanks).
Nonetheless adding PP might also lead to more interesting AI. Perhaps you could employ AI that prioritises saving PP for example. At the moment the AI seems to buff when you debuff, debuff when you buff, or else attack when they have something useful enough against you or they have no other options. This might be an oversimplified view of the AI's activity but should be an accurate overview (correct me if I'm wrong). Adding a PP system might allow for more complex strategies.
Talking about more complex strategies, there was a time when an AI attacked my player with 'Hope' when I debuffed them to -2 Def, and the move did a lot of damage. Can you confirm if debuffs affect the damage output of this move? If that is true, that is a neat effect. I do feel like moves could use more secondary or conditional effects. An example I could think of is for 'Interrupt' to have a 10% chance of preventing the opponent from having their next turn.
I understand that this game is a parody type game and is meant to be simple, but when you have achievements like "swiped right/left 1000 times" and "had 1000 successful dates", you need to give players a reason to want to attempt those achievements. At the moment, this game is rather barebones and after you've gone on 10 or so dates you've basically seen the whole game, there is no incentive to keep going beyond that point. The battles are the same, you could keep using the same strategy and win every time. It just becomes a grindfest with no foreseeable reward other than an achievement. Adding extra elements to this game and making it even the slightest bit more complex would really assist in improving its longevity and keeping it fun.

Overall this is an enjoyable game but only in the short-term. I see a lot of potential for a more entertaining game if aspects of it could be better fleshed out. Even if you don't flesh this one out hopefully your future games would also offer good entertainment value. Despite the middling score, do know that I had a blast with this game even though it was only for a short while. I hope you continue developing more entertaining games in the future. Peace out.

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BigBossErndog responds:

Wow, thank you for the really in depth response!
I'll definitely be taking all this into account for future games! :D

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3.02 / 5.00

Sep 8, 2017
11:30 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG