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Action - Fighting - Brawler

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Sep 7, 2017 | 8:29 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Welcome to Colossorama! A place built for the most violent people! Pick a sword, ditch it for a spear, swap it for a hammer, take a drink or two, and get slashing and bashing! Only those that can adapt will be remembered in the Pantheon of Gladiators! So, get in there and make us proud. After all, heads won’t chop themselves, you know.

(Version 1.2B1 - 18 September 2017)

• After surviving a wave of enemies, select a new Weapon or Item, and fight another round! But you can only carry so much with you, so keep swapping until you get the weapons you like the most!
• There used to be about 28 weapons and items to choose from. There’s over 60 now! Will you choose ranged over knockback? Healing over speed? Status effects over damage? Keep adapting to keep surviving!
• Swords, spears, axes, hammers, scythes, staves and many more! There’s poison, freezing, stunning, invincibility, projectiles, and more variables as well!
• You may fight in Colossorama mode for the core head-slashing experience, or choose from one of many challenges! There’s fast paced combat, moon gravity, powerful enemies only and even a party mode for good measure!
• 18 playable characters for Colossorama mode, each with their own starting loadout! Can you unlock them all?
• There’s nothing more honourable than bragging about your score on Twitter, so there’s a button just for that!

• Move with the A (Left Arrow) and D (Right Arrow) keys.
• Jump by pressing W (Up Arrow), or by pressing the Space-bar.
• Attack by Left-Clicking (Z) or Right-Clicking (X) with your mouse. Each of the sides will use their respective weapons.
• Press E (C) to use your item.
Cards Screen
• Pick Weapons Cards by Left-Clicking (Z) or Right-Click (X) with your mouse. The card will replace the respective weapon.
• Pick Item Cards by Left-Clicking (C). The card will be placed on your item slot.

• Move with the Left Stick or with the D-Pad.
• Jump by pressing A (Cross), pressing Up on the D-Pad, or by tilting the Left-Stick Up.
• Attack by pressing X (Square) and Y (Triangle). Each of the buttons will use their respective weapons.
• Press B (Circle) to use your item.

Cards Screen
• Pick Weapons Cards by pressing X (Square) or Y (Triangle). The card will replace the respective weapon.
• Pick Item Cards by pressing B (Circle). The card will be placed on your item slot.

• Created, Developed & Presented by Whales And Games
• Development Team
◦ Programming – JorgeGameDev
◦ Graphics – The 'Moski
◦ Audio - RobinhoodPT
• Special Thanks
◦ Fonts (Alagard, Boo City and Silk Screen) – Hewett Tsoi, Rosden Shadow, Tyler Finck
◦ Rewired Unity Input Wrapper - Guavaman Enterprises
◦ UI Outline and Scrollrect Scripts - Melang and Twiik (Unity Forums)
◦ Assorted Sounds - Audio Productions Youtube Channel

- • -

Back in June of this year, a website not affiliated with Whales And Games (we, the creators and developers of Colossorama) published, without previous request or authorization, a previous version of the game here to the site. Once we discovered this, we immediately contacted Newgrounds which gratefully aided us and took the submission down. Since then, we have been planning to publish the game officially to the site, and recently finished a major update we wanted to finish before submitting it again for the Newgrounds community.

This uploaded version here to Newgrounds is being fully handled by ourselves - Whales And Games - and we thank the Newgrounds community who have played and left feedback on the previously re-uploaded version of the game. We hope, this time around, to be able to interact directly with the site's community now that we can do it ourselves, and look forward to reading and replying to your rewiews!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

May be the biggest review I have ever written. Alright...

You deserved the 5 stars. I played all of the modes and I liked them (Except Holomayhem, that one... was... eh.)! It got quite repetitive and there are ways of making the game easier by using only one weapon. Also, the music usually cuts out. I was playing and listening to the music and being motivated to KILL and MURDER, but suddenly... silence. The music was awesome, and that's why it got sad. I wasn't hyped anymore, please fix that.

Alright, let me talk about my TOP 5 favorite modes (Number 3 will shock you!).
5. Woof. Fun, challenging!
4. Trickster. It's a great idea! Every round your set of weapons and items changes, and you gotta rely on luck. Got a great set of weapons? HA! Now you have a rake and a sword! Good luck getting through wave 14!
3. Party. Everything is so happy! It has a strange charm to it.
2. Slice of Life. Because anime. And the weapons are cool, the enemies get overpowered weapons and you get overpowered weapons.
1. Fast Forward. I don't know what to say here, so here is a funny moment.
>playing fast forward
>everything nice
>got whale impaler
>you know what happened next |:)

You gotta nerf all the long kind of weapons (spears, for example). I got a spear, and I got 90+ kills. Attack, dodge, repeat.
I know this isn't really a decent review, but it's a really fun fast-paced game. The graphics are nice, the gameplay is solid and the music is great.

5/5. Would play again.

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WhalesAndGames responds:

Thanks a lot for you lengthy feedback! It's great to know that you've really liked the game to the point where you've written this in-depth review and we're really grateful for it. Glad to know that some of our favorite modes are also some of your top favorite! ;)

Now, as in regards to the music cutting out, you're the first one to report to us such an issue, and at least in the engine-side, everything seems to be setup correctly. As such, it might be one of the typical one-off Unity WebGL issues, and we'll investigate if there's anything else that we might have missed for it to cut out. If you could though, test the game in other browsers and tell us if the music still cuts out on those (it isn't cutting for us on Chrome for example) we'd appreciate it so we could narrow down the possibilities as to why the issue exists.

As for the long weapons, they were originally designed to compensate the fact that they didn't have as many benefits when compared to other weapons (other than speed), so we added length to them to compensate on that and as a weapon that can be used both for quick-dodging and as a faster means of traveling across the arena, although we look into it to find out a better way for them to be more balanced overall.

As a final question though, what do you think could make Holomayhem mode more appealing and fun to play? Perhaps increasing the gravity a bit so it's still different from the normal gravity, but not as moon-y as it currently is? We'd love some feedback on that one as well!

Thank you again! And we definitely hope you played it again!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

The weapon selection is cool. But the combat mechanic is a little repetitive in a sense that you just forwardstrafe and backstrafe.

It starts to be cooler when you get ranged weapons and the fact that you get a lot of selection of weapons is a nice thing. I didn't got far enough, but it would be cool to have some vertically since you can jump.

WhalesAndGames responds:

Thanks for the comment! There's some balancing to be done, yes, and if we continue to update this game, we already have some ideas as to how to make it more interesting. Here's hoping that we can find some time for that.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

The game is a fun time-killer. Being forced to switch my favorite weapons is annoying, but it's an important feature and should be kept. Does anyone else have a bug where the pc marches to one side uncontrollably? I've lost too many characters to that.

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WhalesAndGames responds:

Thank you and we're glad you enjoyed Colossorama, even if the weapon switching mechanic might sometimes cause some frustration.

We've previously had a similar issue on earlier version when playing with a Controller where the character would face the wrong direction, but with this new version, that should be fix. We would appreciate some more feedback in regards to the issue you're having. Does the character face in the wrong direction when you move, or does it not stop when you stop holding any of the movement keys? If it's the first case, take in note that the character faces towards the mouse.

We have just released Version 1.2B1 here on Newgrounds which adds a new control scheme which allows you to play with Keyboard only using the Arrow and ZXC keys. If you have the opportunity, we request you to try them out and tell us if the same issue happens with that control scheme as well. We'd also be thankful for any feedback in regards to the comfort and overall play-ability of these alternante controls. Thank you!


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not bad, but you can't right-click in Firefox to attack. Could we have a button remap option maybe?

WhalesAndGames responds:

Thanks for pointing that out! We tried playing it on Firefox but found no issues with right-clicking, however, we have previously had some issues in the past where different browsers and computers had different, sometimes random, issues with our games, so there might be some cases where right-clicking won't work properly.

Making a full button remapping system is quite a big undertaking which at the moment we wouldn't be able to guarantee would work for every possible scenario and to the satisfaction of every player. That being said though, we just published Version 1.2B1 here to the site, which allows you to play the game with keyboard only (using Arrow Keys and ZXC), in addition to the already existing control schemes.

If you could, we would appreciate it if you could revisit the game and try out this new set of controls and tell us if there are any issues with it, and, most importantly, if they're comfortable to play with. All the feedback which helps improve the game's controls helps a lot. Thank you!


Rated 4 / 5 stars


This game is nearly unplayable on a windows laptop. Specifically the use of the mouse is unwieldy, and the way your attacks are aimed towards the cursor means that you frequently attack in the wrong direction. Please add an option for keyboard only!

However, the fundamentals are sound and interesting. Thanks for taking the time to make this.

WhalesAndGames responds:

Thank you for your feedback! One of the things we wanted to get ready for the Newgrounds release was to have an alternate control scheme that would allow the game to be played with keyboard only but we were unable to implement it in time.

However, after your review, we decided to go back and complete the implementation especially since other users (such as the review above yours) were also having problems playing with the Keyboard and Mouse. That being said, we just uploaded Version 1.2B1 which allows you to play with keyboard only using the Arrow and ZXC keys, hopefully delivering a better experience for those that are unable to fully use the mouse or have to resort to using mousepads.

That being said, we'd love for you to revisit the game and tell us if the Keyboard Only controls work for you and, most importantly, feel comfortable to play with, especially on a laptop. Thank you!