Ultra Zultra

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The Peak Society is turning errr'body inot pigeons.
Stomp them before it's too late.

Green Items are passive.

Controls schemes


[X] Punch
[C] Use Item
[Z] Jump

[Arrows] Move


[J] Punch
[H] Use Item
[Space] Jump
[WASD] Move

[M] Mute
[P] Pause

1. While in air after using up your jumps punching will give you 1 extra jump

2.While in air hold punch to glide and crash into enemies without getting hurt

Most Gamepads work after title screen.

Final words, game goes about like this. You die alot until you reach the final boss. You get some lives, but not alot. Also each time you lose all your lives the stages get re generated. Sucks. Now Go Play.

If you find any bugs let me know, will update when possible.

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Its a fine byte-sized platformer, I think there is potential from their mechanics, it was fun to improvize air combos given the mobility you get by punching in the air and having an additional jump.

On that same note I did have some issues with the attack moves: since the punch also works as a 'forward dash', it leaves you really exposed to enemies/hazards (especially if they come from above, and also agains the 1st boss where it just keeps running towards you) it left me hoping for more variety of attacks, like an upwards/downwards hit.

Vidsneezes responds:

Thanks for playing Ultra Zultra!
Glad you were able to figure out that (kinda) secret extra jump.

I feel you on the more attacks bit also. When i was making it i really wanted to have a second punch, a drop down punch, and an upwards punch.

One more thing on the punching, while in air if you hold punch you actually go into a punch glide killing anything that hits you and you fall a little slower.

It's alright. It's just that the mechanics just feel all over the place. I mean look at the 1st boss. He doesn't stop moving even when you hit him. And he can still hit you even when his fist has been out for 5 seconds, is he done attacking or is he waiting for a fist bump? It would've been better if you made it mario style, I mean you need to make the game more simple or at least more self explanatory.
I wont hate on it because I see that these kind of games take serious time and programming. I give it a 3/5.

Vidsneezes responds:

Thanks for playing Ultra Zultra and the feedback. So when i was designing the first boss i gave him like this super show offy attitude. like in the intro you see him turn all big just to scare you. so when he punches you, i wanted it to seem like he was saying "I don't have to use my true strength against you" as he leaves himself wide open.

I'm sorry. i hate it

Vidsneezes responds:

Sucks that the game didn't do it for you, I hope you give it another try later.

Cool game. I found you and float like 90% of the level just by spamming punch in the air. I just buy triple jump and jump if I'm near anything that decease my hp. I got outside of the level doing this. I rest my jumps by walling jumping aswell, so I can stay out of bounce. Also the spike only works if your are going down or falling. I exploit the hell of that by throwing air punches next to it on the same height so the spike don't register.
Also the boss hitbox is still active when his fist is out. Not sure if that suppose to be in the game but I like it!!!

Vidsneezes responds:

Nice! if you hold punch after jumping you actually do float he he. "Exploiting" the game is the fastest way to play the first few areas, it gets really tricky after the second boss xD Items have some neat things going on also but it's a secret. Thanks for liking the game!

Like the music and art in this. Good Work!

Vidsneezes responds:


Credits & Info

3.27 / 5.00

Sep 6, 2017
10:47 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop