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Game Complete 50 Points

Puzzle your way out of the run-down facility!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

You are a spark of energy that has been sealed away in a run-down facility. Inhabit various robotic blueprints in order to escape!


(Note: The mouse is not used - navigate menus with arrow keys)

Arrow Keys: Move
Z: Confirm, Interact
X: Cancel, Other Actions
C: Look around, Skip Text
ESCAPE: Open menu
SPACE: Discard Blueprint

On the options menu you can adjust the sound volume and activate some (somewhat obtuse) hints on a room by room basis.


This was a completely solo project - you can decide which bits I was better at and which I was worse at (*cough* graphics *cough*). Hope you enjoy it!


What a long challenging puzzle game. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Like others have said, the music could be better, but the overall design of the game was phenomenal. All puzzles were challenging, but usually had a straight forward answer once you realized it.

Is there something with the true ending cutscene that I'm missing? I triggered the alternate ending, but no medal popped.

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WigDev responds:

There's no in-game popup, but you DO have the medal, so no worries. To be clear: both medals are unlocked on their own 'The End' screens.

I tough this would be a ok game but it reveal to be a good puzzle game, so bad i cant pass the ventilation Shaft B with the Bomb puzzle I will come to it later maybe.

Awesome challenging game with cool puzzles and good enough story for a flash game, music could be better but it's not a big problem...
Also i'm tired from games (espec. puzzles) which are created within a week and could been completed in 10 minutes, so it's nice that this game was long...
I, personally, spent around 8 hours for a first playthrough and had problems with labyrinth with 3 hovers (lower left on the map) and pre-generator... i was so mad when after 1 hour of stupid attempts i figured out about detonation without spark thing...

Nice game, but monotone music and I miss the option to use the Y key instead of the Z key.

Seriously, how the shit do you solve the generator room?
I've been at it for hours. It's like it's missing something.

WigDev responds:

I don't normally give out hints, but that level IS the hardest challenge in the game, so I'll take pity on you. (Anyone who hasn't got this far or doesn't want help should ignore this...)

There's two real tricks to the level, the main one being that you need to press the button in the top-right with a blueprint in such a way that you can 'un-press' it later. To set that up you need the crate at the very top.
The second trick is the breakable wall. If I tell you that you need to discard your timer bomb before it explodes, that might be enough of a hint.

Hope that helps!

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Credits & Info

3.72 / 5.00

Sep 6, 2017
5:20 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other