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Puzzle your way out of the run-down facility!

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Author Comments

You are a spark of energy that has been sealed away in a run-down facility. Inhabit various robotic blueprints in order to escape!


(Note: The mouse is not used - navigate menus with arrow keys)

Arrow Keys: Move
Z: Confirm, Interact
X: Cancel, Other Actions
C: Look around, Skip Text
ESCAPE: Open menu
SPACE: Discard Blueprint

On the options menu you can adjust the sound volume and activate some (somewhat obtuse) hints on a room by room basis.


This was a completely solo project - you can decide which bits I was better at and which I was worse at (*cough* graphics *cough*). Hope you enjoy it!


Absolutely beautiful. Work of art, it is rage inducing at times but that's how it reels you in imo

Great Game, love it. My only gripe would be that it could do with a save game system that will survive clearing your browser's cache. My computer has trouble with flash content grinding to a halt, so I have to clear chrome's cache often.

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There are a very few games on Newgrounds that I will remember forever. This happens to be one of them.

While the graphics and sound are nothing special (nor do they need to be for what this is), the gameplay is better than most commercial puzzle games I've played. Each of the puzzles is well thought-out, logically constructed, and comprehensible; though many are far more complex than they appear to be, some are unintuitive, and a few outright deceptive in their presentation. The learning curve is well-balanced, the progression is appropriate, and the non-linear nature of the game gave a sense of exploration and accomplishment as I unlocked new abilities. I wouldn't normally use the term 'metroidvania' to describe a puzzle game, but it manages in a refreshing way.

The game has significantly more content than I've come to expect on this site, especially for a solo project; the map turned out to be far, far larger than I expected to begin with, and there were secrets and additional challenges to be found on top of that -- including one piece of the story I did not find until after I'd gotten all the endings.

Although the plot was not completely unpredictable, it was presented exceptionally well, with an air of mystery turning to suspicion as the player discovers each new clue. The twists were well-delivered, and there were some I admit I was not expecting or prepared for.

Like everyone else, there were one or two puzzles I had to use the in-game hint system to solve, and one specifically (the generator access) where I required a walkthrough. None of them are illogical; however, the generator requires use of a mechanic that is not indicated nor hinted at in any way and that is used nowhere else in the game. This is perhaps the only flaw of note, which is impressive.

In conclusion, this is a stellar work and one I would recommend to anyone who enjoys puzzles, and one of the best things I've seen on Newgrounds thus far. I am disappointed that I only have five stars to give.

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I can only agree with yourLILsister. Graphics are exactly what I'd expect for a puzzle game: neat colorful sprites. Don't care about sounds either, I always mute them (sorry!).
Making a story around the puzzles is a good idea, and there's some freedom in the order we play levels (when most puzzle games are just a linear stack of puzzles).
Very entertaining overall. I'm really impressed by it being a solo project!

Medal seems not working to me, I already reach 100% progress
the music made the game a bit weird, other things are just fine.

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Credits & Info

3.71 / 5.00

Sep 6, 2017
5:20 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other