Europa: Alptraum: Kapitel 1

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Finally we are releasing this special project of ours!
We put a lot of work into it and really hope you like it!

Please consider supporting us: https://www.patreon.com/snakestudios

We are sorry that right now not all tracks are available. We reached the upload quota of tracks per day on newgrounds, but that will be fixed soon, so please be patient! You can follow us too if you want to be notified of these additions.


Troubleshooting (Unity WebGL is very prone to causing problems lately, so here are some tips):
-If you see a grey screen, try reloading the page.
-After that, if you see the Unity-Icon, wait a little (max 2-5 min) if the loading bar does not move. The file is about 5MB big, so it should not take too long, although it will very likely take significantly longer than it would normally
-tested with Firefox, it is guaranteed to work there
-if you see the loading screen and think it does not load, just let it run in the background for a while and come back a few minutes later

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For being in the Dating Sim category, it is actually an extremely linear (IE, many options are blocked out so there is only a single option, essentially making this into a single path with no options)
Also, as pointed out before, many of the translations have caused the text to go beyond the text box and disappear, cutting out (potentially, no way of telling) important parts of the story.
The music, however, is very enjoyable, and the art style is beautiful. It is a shame it is censored, but obviously that isn't by choice, probably a necessity.
As this seems to be very unfinished, I would definitely come back for further updates!

not a bad idea in general, but this is really just a linear vn in this state...to be honest i was expecting a sim-dating game(since thats where this got posted lol). again, not a bad concept or storyline so far, but still very much a rough-draft.

Not a fan, but nice music.

The game surely has some potential. Music is great and art is fine, as well as the story (or, rather, introduction for the story). A few things I disliked:
1. An epigraph in the beginning wasn't translated.
2. There were a few times a textbox wasn't wide enough and some text went missing
3. Erotic scene was too schematic in terms of text. Needs some real work.
Anyway, keep it up!