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Back when SWF was the predominant format for cartoons and web games, there was a lot of value in playing around with flash to see what kind of cool shit you could make with its limited feature set. Nowadays most web and FX animation is prerendered and flash is inching ever closer to expiration, but I still like playing around with flash's weirder features every now and then, which is how I ended up with this thing. It exploits a rarely used filter called "gradient bevel" to make a whole bunch of trippy effects. And it's rendered in realtime, unlike similar effects you could make in AE or whatever.

It's not really a game. In fact, there's almost zero code! But it's interactive in the sense that you get to decide when to shut it off.

If you have flash (cs6+) and want to see how it's done, I uploaded the original experiment here: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/72debc80e7f069b42d633c595741cadf

Side note - it's only 67 KB, probably one of the smallest files on the site!

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If I leave my browser open forever I will have the high score. This is awesome and shows what flash can still offer. Thumbs up.

"...it's interactive in the sense that you get to decide when to shut it off."

You should consider a job in the AAA game industry. Cool effect.

This is cool, but i am rating it as a game, because it is under the game category, so half star.

Nice! Why is this not a screensaver yet?

really cool!