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LVL99 Axe Rage BETA DEMO 0.8

rated 3.39 / 5 stars
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Sep 2, 2017 | 8:37 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Our homage to the awesome 2D pixel videogames and movie badassery from the 80's and 90's. The beta demo we have worked on should be around 60-90 minutes of intense action and adventure, fighting and discovery, and hopefully a time journey into the heart of retro platforming goodness.

- 16-bits aesthetic reminiscent of 90's 2D games
- Platforming combat with a huge array of attack moves to engage enemies
- Chain combos to fill your RAGE meter, and unleash devastating special attacks
- Exploration-based stages with save rooms, unlockable paths, upgrades and secrets
- Intense soundtrack inspired by Retrowave music
- Focused on classic gameplay, no gimmicks

WARNING: You MUST start a NEW GAME for this version (0.8)! Older savegames could crash the game.

Xbox360 Controller Support!
Movement: WASD Keys
Jump / Accept: K key
Attack / Return: I key
Pet Attack: O key
Start / Pause: Spacebar

If you have issues in the tittle screen, please refresh your browser!

Fresh from the oven, beta demo v0.8!
Don't forget to visit our Indiegogo Campaign and support us to keep us alive and working!

Check out the additions:

Custom keyboard: Finally! Now you can configure the button layout however you prefer! Only available for keyboard though, but gamepad customization support is on its way! For now, we still recommend using an xbox controller.

How to play: A new menu option to show some of the basic moves you can perform! For those who, for some reason, don't try every possible button combination as soon as they start playing (I guess those people never rented cartridges from the videostore!).

Extra Checkpoint: We’re adding a Checkpoint (or "quick save") system, after analyzing feedback from gameplay videos. There's only one now, between the Mud Apocalypse and Cybolab areas, but that's literally the hottest spot!

With this we should be covering the most pressing issues with the beta demo, and we're sure it will make your experience smoother! Still, if you managed to finish the demo before these changes, let us know so we can congratulate you!



Rated 4 / 5 stars

You need to add in an option on the pause menu to view the combinations.


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

First of all... and I really need to stress this before I move onto anything else... if you need an entire "How to Play" section dedicated just to teaching you how to do situational attacks beyond button-mashing, you should probably not be into game design. There's also this element of game design called "dominant strategy" wherein the player will use the simplest means to kill an enemy or make progress. For me, personally, the simplest way to kill most enemies WAS to button-mash because of regular dropped inputs; you can see it for yourself in the menus. You may want to tap a button to move the marker multiple times over, but you can't tap too fast, or the marker may only move twice. That is a SERIOUS problem in a game where you implement technical button combos for alternative attacks.

I can summarize the second problem in two words: SCREEN. CRUNCH. You can tell this game is probably designed around being a desktop standalone release than being constrained to a small Flash frame on Newgrounds, because your character takes up a large amount of screen space. Because of that, you won't be able to see down certain pits that make leaps of faith inevitable. If you jump down a hole, are you going to die by spikes or will you be safe? YOU DON'T KNOW. And because of this, you might know that in the room below where you find "Selknam's Eye" or whatever it's called, there's a SECOND power-up in that room that allows you to destroy certain rocks... but you'll never know if you take the cautious approach, carefully scaling platforms and avoiding hazards at every opportunity! The game forces you to make blind jumps into uncharted territory with no indication on whether you're going to get rewarded or fall to your inevitable demise!

Third, listen to this description of a healing item called 'Pollo con Fritas':
"A well-roasted chicken leg with crispy golden skin, with a side of ALSO crispy golden fried potatoes! Too much crisp, too much gold! How did a delicacy like this end up here!", did any part of that item description infer to anyone reading this how much health that restored? Because it gives me no contextual clues whatsoever, other than the fact that it looks to be a full-course meal. Maybe it heals full health, maybe it heals half, maybe it's so high in oils and fats that it only heals as much as an empanada... I don't know!

There is a serious lack of player direction in this game. And that highlights my fourth problem: how many times did I walk by the first save point, not knowing it was a save point? So hear me out. After getting 'Selknam's Eye', you go back only to find that you can go two ways: down and right, and down and left. There is no indication of which way leads to progress, so using your accrued gaming knowledge, you decide to go right because... that's the only way you've been able to go so far, right? Well, little did you know that you just missed a save station... er, save statue? Those blue swirling lights are apparently indicative of a checkpoint and save area... which you would have no idea of at first. Nothing up to that point gives any sort of indication as to what is in that room to the left. For all you know, both ways are death. My suggestion, were I the developer, would be to either have the player come across a save point earlier in the level that is outright mandatory and cannot be bypassed, or have some sort of marker to tell the player there's imminent danger in one direction rather than the other... unless, of course, those feasting crows are supposed to be the dev's way of warning the player of danger. But that can't be right, because not only did I find more crows where I ALREADY saw enemies trying to attack me, there were crows feeding on corpses in areas that had no danger at all! Level designs are cobbled together with no rhyme or reason!

The most complimentary thing I can say about this game is that the name is apt. There were many moments while playing this game where I felt a "Lv 99 Axe Rage" of my own welling up inside me. Everything in this game is made to deceive or infuriate the player, hindering their judgment and making them go balls-to-the-wall and throw themselves into danger haphazardly. The level design is incredibly beginner-unfriendly; the character's movements are stiff and unresponsive at times; enemies will come out of nowhere and bite you in the ass when you least expect it. I got a section just now with a burning car, and this is the first time in the entire time where you show me what a function does by showing that A) flaming wreckage causes damage, and B) zombies can be caught on fire... but that doesn't dispel the fact that in the exact same room at the upper right corner, there's a Fly Bastard (aptly named, by the way) that pops out of fucking thin air to attack you. Because that's fair.

I could go into a near-infinite number of bugs and glitches for this game, both hostile and player-friendly, but I only have so much comment space, so to make a long story short... this game is abysmal. You can't do half of the things you see in the 'How to Play' section that you want to do at any given time (good fucking luck parrying two attacks in rapid sequence, which would be infinitely helpful during the Mega Metal boss fight), and you have a button for pet attacks while you don't get your pet until you're 95% of the way done the demo (and he is of no help whatsoever). If the problem of eaten inputs is an engine problem, you need to fix that shit first and foremost.

And for anyone wondering how much you're healed by various items, this is what I've been able to find thus far:
- BEER: 20 HP
- MEDI-KIT: 100 HP
- PAPAS FRITAS: Inedible, apparently (couldn't use it, no matter what)
- WINE: 50 HP

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Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

If you are going to have so many damn instakill moments then for the love of god include checkpoints. This game is literally impossible to play without constant death and restart since it has things that kill you without warning that you then know they are there the NEXT time through. Seriously tone down the environmental hazards.

The how to play says you can pary things, and do these cool combo moves. but none of it actually works.

Its a great idea, but needs a LOT of work before its any good.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

the concept is probably the best i've ever seen in years. i really liked this game but it's difficult to play, not because of the enemies (those eyes are like a mini boss to me mostly because you can control how high will be the jump and that distracts me from hitting correctly), but because you can't really play the game, you are just trying to play it (restarting each time i fall and die just
makes me want to close the page). various times i tried to hit upwards but obviously i couldn't, trying to kill those green worms when they're climb the walls doesn't work and i think that's the reason why others seems to dislike the hitboxes., the colors and designs are great but music is even better i think is the best of the game and the sounds (like the crow) are too high. try to make them match the volume of the music or even better, put a menu where to change the volume for the music and sounds.
this has a lot of potential, keep it up and you'll make one incredible game.

upload the music to the page please it's awesome <3

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Since it's a beta, I guess it's okay if the hitboxes are not that well made. I encounter some problems, such as the buggy jumping (just like what other NewGrounders here have said below). The special moves sometimes doesn't work, but it might just be my fingers who doesn't execute it perfectly :p
Other than that, this game is challenging as hell. It kind of reminded me of older Castlevania games....except the savepoints are not that often. Overall, it's a well-made game, and this has a lot of potential for future development! Kudos!

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