Redemption for Jessika

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The sequel to "Dreaming with Elsa."

You're a court scribe who has long been infatuated with the lead singer of your favorite band. When a riot breaks out at one of her concerts, she falls into despair. Can you help her overcome her depression and return to doing what she loves? And, if you do, how far will she go with you?

Don't forget to check the "Menu" button for extra save/restore slots and the Achievements. There's a pretty epic bonus scene if you unlock all of them.

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i love your games but why are the game windows so large, with so much unused space?

Thank you for the game. I Really have some questions. Hope you don't mind.

1)Is that Chloe in the pub Jessika bringing me to her home drunk ,
2)outside SeraB Car at the bus stop?
3) and that is Chloe who slapped Jessika?

4)when Jessika woke up and start talking at the refrigerator.
I am a secret agent = reference to getting to know Christine? (i tried it on PF1)

5) in the pub, the poster says.. [Meeting Keeley].
and Is Keeley the boss in [Coming to Grips with Christine] right? its your new upcoming game?

I love your games. Thank you for these Romantic Science fiction. :) (i learnt of this genre after playing Coming to Grips with Christine, from Laura)

*cheers* Here's to future games! THank you. am a star struck fan! :D

tlaero responds:

1) Yes
2) Yes
3) Yes
4) Yes
5) Meeting Keeley was the first game I wrote. It's not on newgrounds, but you can download it for free from our patreon site. (But, yes, she is Adrian's boss.)


So far I feel like I'm about half way through the game. I'm playing the "nice guy" route and I guess that is only winning me only so much points because Jess didn't want a nice guy. Lol I'm happy I was able to restore but seriously that is my biggest hang up in games like this. (the same with movies and books) That women just don't say what they want or they say they don't want something, but are expecting the guy to give it to them anyways. Not gonna do spoilers but I know something else probably would have happened had I chose "join in" instead of "just watching." Women, just because we have pussies doesn't me we gotta be pussies!!

tlaero responds:

Jess wants a "well rounded" guy who is kind, supportive, funny, and sexual. Few people want guys that are JUST nice (I know I don't). Also, you did the correct thing by not "joining in."

Randomly played this after work and it was actually one of the more engaging game si have played. Really enjoyed the interactions at the end aswell
Would love to have some sound/effects with the continued story if possible. Keep up the good work

I did not only enjoy playing the game, cause a boi this game is awesome. Its porbally better than most normal visual novels even without the 18+ scenes but i also got i sick new rockband i can listen too. 😍😊

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3.91 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2017
12:54 AM EDT
Simulation - Dating