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Mini BattleField

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a small battle for you to play around with wave of AI bot and vehicle coming at you. defend yourself 20 wave of attack and.... idk... have fun play around :D
Move: AWSD
Main weapon: left click
Secondary: right click
scope: shift
Open/Close Shop: B
deploy SKB: F
Map view: M (for shooting missile). shooting missile: SPACE
Paused: P
It's better to use full scene when playing by clicking the small square blue Icon in the right bottom.

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Actually I like the concept but it could use some work.

-I missed the sounds (both SFX and MUSX).
-The mouse is too sensitive and doesn't disappear so it is easy to click on simething outside of the game (ads I mean).
-You can't aim vertically and since I thought the more expensive the better I bought the LAV and most of the time just wasn't able to hit those small bots. (Had to go far away from them to be able to damage them.)
-As mentioned below an aim circle would be nice. (The scope solves this and the sensitivity problem can't be always in snipe mode.)
-Maybe more options and not just 3 tanks and 2 extra weapons would be nice. (Gun upgrades, mobility upgrades, a way to repaire your vehicle...)
-I think it's just me but the right click brings up a menu which is quite annoying. (Maybe because I use Mozilla so this can be my fault.)
-The map is quite useful to find those bots, just it is annoying that you move when moving the map. (If you open the map in snipe mode you have a tiny little FOV which is pretty inconvenient.)
-The rocket is OP in my opinion but the SKbots are under powered. Since the enemies come from a few points they always come in a straight line and the rocket can easily kill them in a few shots, and it doesn't damage you at the same time.
-The LAV can sneak through tiny gaps which is totally unrealistic.

Don't get me wrong I like the concept this is why I would love to see a polished version of this.

DARGON-PZ responds:

thanks for the feedback! I will try and it better! ( ^ω^)

cute, but the mouse pointer isn't center and there's no target reticle so you don't know where your shooting, and the screen moves so fast, just the slightest movement will turn you 360 degrees.

DARGON-PZ responds:

thanks for the feedback! I will try and fix that ( ^ω^)

Credits & Info

2.88 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2017
5:47 PM EDT

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