Duck Life: Space

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Prepare to go galactic in the biggest Duck Life adventure ever!
It is a peaceful day on Earth. You are enjoying your fame and fortune being the world duck racing champion. All of a sudden, a wormhole materialises in the sky and an evil looking alien duck appears. Without hesitation, he steals your hard-earned champion crown and flies off into space. Now it's up to you to get it back!

Train up in running, flying, swimming, climbing, jumping and (for the first time ever) intelligence so you can race your way across the universe to get back your crown! Explore exotic worlds to find new training mini games and wacky duck aliens to race. Enter the duck racing tournament on each world to win a trip to another planet, and get one step closer to your goal!

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GG man!

I can't get to the fisrt race

I liked the huge variety of training minigames as well as the various planets and alien landscapes. Each next planet was more intresting then the previous, with exception of Moon being better then Mars maybe. The duck customizer was also cool.

I disliked that the game is not full version and that full version is available only at mobile. I understand that a game developer wants to earn some money and makes games purchasable trough app stores. I have nothing against that. But game devs also have to understand that not all people are into mobile gaming. Me for instance - I will not purchase a game for a phone no matter how good it is, because I simply don't play games on mobile platforms, I pity the small screen and I dislike touchscreen and need to cover view with fingers. If you make a full version of game available only for money then make it also available on PC, trough steam or other means. And of course the advertisement popup for full game was annoying. - 1 star for there being no full version on PC.

Another star I subtract for the game being just grinding basically. You can be bad at all minigames and still achieve max stats if you just spend a long time enough. It would be better if the stats attained would depend on the maximum score you can get in a minigame. Yes, game would get harder, bet then also it would be more interesting if your duck had both weak and strong points depending on your minigame prowess.

There was no way to get additional ducks, but game had slots for them and slots for other tam members. I will not subtract stars for that, but if this doesn't makes space in final version of game then it had to be removed.

Another problem that I did not remove stars for is that while game has good instructions for each minigame, it has no instructions for the main hub. Twice I almost quit playing because I could not figure how to do things for a long time. 1st - I couldn't start a race because I didn't know I have to put the same bird in three race slots it asked for more team members, I had none so I searched for option to get additional birds and was frustrated that there is none, took a while to understand that I must register my only bird for all three races. 2nd - when I first run out of energy I couldn't figure out how to replenish it, I purchased the seeds but the bird won't eat them, I clicked everywhere but since the bird was out of screen wandering freely it took a long time to figure out I must drag and drop the bird on the seeds.

Finally I will subtract a half-star for the annoying seed eating. I understand that coins and money collecting makes minigames more fun and you must have something to spend money on, but the seeds were implemented in game in an annoying way. It takes forever to find the bird and drag them to seeds and then click dozens of times on purchase button for bird to eat. It would be better if you could just instantly spend all money on as much energy as you can to shorten this process. Btw ducks have a more varied diet then just seeds, they are not chicken.

I've literally been waiting for this game to load for almost an hour. I've had it open in the background and there's still a finger-sized margin on the loading bar. This is ridiculous.

the game is very awesome and is anti bored is cool dude

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3.20 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2017
8:48 AM EDT
Sports - Racing
  • Daily 5th Place September 2, 2017