|337 Pong

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Bounce the George Clooney head with your penis. Endless fun.

Future Me: Ah, nobody ever gets tired of bouncing George Clooney's head with a pair of wangs even after two years.


its ok

hmm well this was an ok game, onlything it needs more original design and something differant then just the normal classic style, something that will get it noticed by the avg user, it was silly and fun though.

add a twist to the game that makes the people want more


Wow... how stupid.

Ok other than the obvious stupidity of the game..
Graphics-A badly copied and pasted george cloony head, a few lines and 2 terribly drawn penises...
Style-Oh wow a pong game thats never been done before...
Sound-A few beeps
Violence-Your beating on someones head with a penis
Interactivity-You can move the penis around
Humor-Beating on people is only a perverts idea of funny
Overall-This was crap.. I havent made anything myself but still this was crap.

ahahahahaha LOL

thiks is so fuckin great.. i could play this all day

well...i don't know how to type that symbol, but..

i liked the game. not as good as 1337 invaders though.

Davidus responds:

I agree. |337 Invaders is better.


You stole this one! Seen it before

Davidus responds:

Prove it, BEARDO.

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1.93 / 5.00

Nov 18, 2002
6:55 PM EST
Action - Other