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Con-Quest! Poké-con (Version 0.08)

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Author Comments

Play the newest version here!

-Hotfix 8/30/2017-

Fixed an issue when loading an old save that made it

impossible to save the Sharpedo cosplayer (If you still have

this issue save and than load with your password to fix it.)

Google Chrome now has flash disabled by default you can fix that here!



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versions of the game early with EXP and Currency bonuses and topless versions of certain character portraits!


Art by Emily. Check her out at


Stickers and a few cosplayers by GrossGirl. Check her out at


Ivy Sticker set by Chicken! Check her out her style is awesome!


Boss music by EternalSushi



Patch Notes:

Added the water spell to the magic list.

Changed up the Combat UI

Added 2 new sticker sets!

Added 4 new cosplayers each with reward images!

Jenny - found in the new jail area.

Mismagius -found in the new jail area.

Goodra - found in the new jail area.

Sharkpedo - found in the shipwreck area.

(Umbreon has been moved to the pharmacy area.)

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It's a good game so far but I think my game is glitched. I just beat barrier guardian that comes after Jaclyn but I didn't get the animation of talking with Eva in the lobby. I think the absolutely fantastic before this. If someone can fix my problem, I could give this game full marks.

only complaint is that it takes a while to load,then again my internet is borderline shit

What's after Officer Jenny and Goodra?

I think this game is very good, I enjoyed playing it, Keep up the good work!

How do I get in the room above the garden room, I have no one to talk to.