Endless Blocky

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Score:100 10 Points

It's pretty easy I guess.

Score:200 50 Points

This would probably take 'some' time.

Score:500 100 Points

This medal is most likely impossible.

Author Comments

~Probably the simplest endless runner ever.

Space/LMB to jump!
Hold it to jump longer.
Press it again to double jump!

UPDATE: 4th September 2017
Finally added scoreboard! Can you make it in first?

made by: devDDR (also known as) Igniteous

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This game is terribly coded. Lots of times the second jump just fails to work. You got a feeling that it is some kind of a "special skill" that needs a cooldown after you land.


So this was notbad of a game was kind of simple and was entertaining, the level is notbad the medals not so easy but I still had some fun with this, so nice job on this one, more added fancy effects and more medals would be a plus for this little game of yours.

more added fancy effects and more medals would be a plus for this little game


this game is the form of simplicity. no music, no characters, no scripts, clunky mechanics, organic maneuvers, no hints... and I LOVE IT, truly. it reflects life. A life human being don't understand why it's so intriguing to keep playing along or even get triggered by making simple mistakes that could potentially be avoided in theory. It's an art piece created something outta nothing. It IS nothing. I love the Author's idea of making this game based on his decisions under various circumstances to make it somewhat addicting with no manipulative programming. I like his way of convey the notion of failure when practices might not be the top priority to beat this game. And glitches.. oh boy. It's part of the game. I could literally touch myself when I heard games having glitches. It's fun, and it's one of the key features for art like this. I appreciate devDDR's effort by putting this game out in a way he's trying to inspire people through. I just like it when I could be wrong for gaming out my way through the first instincts.

Argh, those red spikes!! At first it seemed impossible to reach even a hundred... but practice does make perfect. Suddenly I was over the seemingly incredibly hard 'easy' score and striving onward... though it does feel the random factor's a bit imbalanced sometimes, resulting in a large amount of really short platforms, with spikes, with long distances between them. All the other elements are OK, but those spikes... good game though. A bit aggravating, but addicting too. Simple and smooth gameplay.


The 500 medal WILL BE MINE!!!!
Even if it takes a few hours...

Credits & Info

2.55 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2017
11:06 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other