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So I was having a golden afternoon of nostalgia the other day and pulled out a few of the games I never completed.
This was one of the last games I coded before I took a break from games to try art; switching to my current project - an attempt to turn my horror 'Insanity' series into a comic (https://www.facebook.com/THE.INSANITY.GRAPHIC.NOVEL/)

Angry Girlfriend had some potential, the graphics could've been better but they were getting there. My collision engine works perfectly, and I like the style of the game, it's a goof. I think I did quite a good job with the AI on the bosses and the general challenge of the level. If I'd only started on it when Flash was still a fledgling medium I definitely would've reworked this game into a masterpiece -- a proper fighter with a varied move set, grapples, weapons. But it seemed at the time people were all moving to mobile and building shitty games that required no effort to code and knowing I wasn't going to sell the game
I didn't want to waste further time with it.

Anyway, enjoy. There's another version where you can throw fireballs and be a soldier equipped with weaponry. I'll upload that demo too. http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/0caef99c5e6f90ab7da74991cb83ea00

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR THE ARMY GUY DEMO. I don't have Flash to modify the original FLA anymore, so the uploaded demo game is in a debug state where you actually start at the 'Padge The Homeless Bird' boss save point. DON'T KILL HIM. Let him kill you once, press T to return to menu, and start the game from there, from the beginning.


I'm a dickheaded bodybuilder wit a girlfriend with shitty grammar, she pissses me off, i turn into a crocodille, beat up some dudes, trashcan men, tiny futuristic vehicles, and get killed by some tiny floating thing, then our hero jumps ove a Wolfenstein 3D dog while his girlfriend insults him, wonderful.

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EvilKris responds:

Don't forget little hobgoblins wearing Pokemon suits, the Anchor giants, the flying chicken that craps napalm eggs, and last but not least the diarrhea-shitting stage boss 'Padge the Homeless Bird'-- who loves insulting you too.

Not bad at all, but getting swarmed by enemies and nearly instakilled can be an issue. Still a simple yet enjoyable beat 'em up though.

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3.32 / 5.00

Aug 28, 2017
2:39 AM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler