TWIN LIFE (True story)

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The true story of having a twin brother!!!!!


Wait, Marcy's a boy's name? Well, I should have known that from your avatar. I have a brother, but not a twin. We are really different. I was really impressed by how you used the Roger Rabbit effect. You should know what that is.

True story? You mean your twin brother is literally a cartoon character? Talk about opposite siblings. The artwork was very nice here. I like movies about movies.

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Really cool how you combined an animation with live action at the same time. Also, this was really funny in my opinion ^w^ 5 stars definitely!

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Tag team duo

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Very well done, I was pretty impressed with how you could place him in 3d space tbh

I love the idea, but I was just as annoyed as you at the end of the movie. Of all the things to share, raw annoyance is not greatest taste to leave in other people's brains. Black and white ... why? What is this a french hipster show? The twin that was really you, brilliant. A finished movie while portraying the inability to finish one due to annoyance by yourself, the reason why I didn't give you a 2. It feels more like a demo of what you can create, but I don't see the real product.

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4.04 / 5.00

Aug 25, 2017
6:09 PM EDT
Comedy - Original