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Bring Back Meaning!

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Pretty Coziness 5 Points

I guess you could have that kind of desire.

Unwelcome 5 Points

Maybe you shouldn't have entered so rudely.

Vomitrocious 5 Points

That tasted like garbage!

Wet Blanket 5 Points

Should've probably watched out for the slippery water.

Game Completed 10 Points

Complete the game.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

In this game, you play Rubber. Rubber and Hex are enjoying a fancy dinner. Unfortunately, when they are on their way home, he accidentally knocks her into a puddle of mud. This makes her hate him. See if you can find what it takes to help Rubber make it up to Hex.


Man, this was quite a project! It's shorter than the previous point-and-click game though, and came out in a smaller amount of time, because the creation of the game is only hardest the first time around.

You don't need prior Rejah City knowledge to play this game. Everything you need to do will be hinted in-game.

Let's Play videos are very much appreciated! And one more thing - tell me if you find any glitches, I'm all for fixing them!

The credits are available from the game's main menu.

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To think some people would overreact that much on frozen pizza. XD

Really entertaining little point and click game here. Simple fun, with some unexpectedly challenging bits along the way, like the suduku and parallel world puzzle... and the very hard-to-find pick axe. For the most part balanced though, with occasional bits of entertainment if you do the wrong things in the wrong order. Thoroughly enjoyed this.


cool but can you make it save your progress after you leave and come back?

RejahCityGuy responds:

I've considered such a thing for Calm HTF... but as for this game, I'm not so sure as it's a short game...

The parallel world is kind of annoying. I wish I had not solved that puzzle.

Great game by the way.