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It's finally done. :)

In this animation exercise I tried to animate a princess like in the 90's disney films. It took about 2 months of work.

Done in ToonBoom.

Thanks for the Feature!

Here you can see some work in progress:

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So this is where what disney princesses do in the after life

Awesome Animated. i'll you need is crewmates!

Unbelievably Good. Frikken Awesome, in fact. Do you do Animation Commissions? I mean like 5 - 10 seconds.

BagamCadet responds:

Thank you, yes I do take commissions.

Amazing to see that this was made in ToonBoom. I'm currently using ToonBoom as my first animation software ever and it's nice to see where my work could be one day. Just amazing!

It was very lovely ^w^