A Sliding Thing

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Are you able to control the sliding thing and reach the hole to complete the level? Can you solve all the levels?

Use the mouse or keyboard to play the game. Using the keyboard is recommended.

Specific mouse controls:
- Click and swipe to move the player OR
- Click where you want the player to go

Specific keyboard controls:
- Arrow keys or WASD: move the player / navigate the menu
- Enter: select a level
- M: toggle music
- K: toggle sound
- H: show help menu
- R: restart the level
- Escape or Backspace: go back

If you experience (performance) problems, please consider using a modern browser.

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Really awesome puzzle game.
Super simple and quite challenging!

Fun game that makes you think and clean graphics. Nice.

A very well-made game with lots of gimmicks and thought put into it. The gameplay is fun and the overall design of the game is very smooth and simple.

I think it's an amazing puzzle game, that'll keep you amused if you're bored or just wanna do a puzzle. the levels get harder as you move through the game but that's what's supposed to happen lol. ´。• ω •。`) keep up the good work Diamonax! \(≧▽≦)/


Good puzzle game, interesting and last levels are really challenging. Definitely harder and more challenging then the previous game by Diamonax - Get it Filled. I completed all levels of that game in an a single sitting, but for this game the last levels take a long time to figure out, I still have the last 8 levels left as I write this after nearly two hours of playing. I must leave now, but I will definitely be back to complete this challenge!

It's a good thing that Diamonax learned from that previous puzzle game and added level selection.

I rated the previous puzzle game by this author with 3 stars and give this 4 stars, because it is more challenging and has level selection.

I would really recommend to the author to add a medal for completing this game, maybe some intermediate medals after each 10 or 8 levels as well, because this game is hard and completing it is definitely worth a prize. I would have rated this higher if it had medals.

Credits & Info

3.76 / 5.00

Aug 22, 2017
3:05 PM EDT
Puzzles - Sliding