jelly vs jelly protpye

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hi I am new on newgrounds plz do not tell me whats the music cause I forgot it p.s. this is .0.1.0 p.p.s click the green flag when you start (EDIT) I think you need a good computer too play cause I have a bad pc and it lagged so harded it amolt killed it rebemer this is a protpye so don't extect good gameplay


This is essentially a ripoff of Superhot. The game has lots of bugs and could use some work.

Glass-Clock responds:

it won't be a ripoff on 0.2.0

Though the game can definitely use some work, the concept is really, really cool. I love that things move in bullet time when you're standing still.

The art isn't great, though the simple style did grow on me. In addition, when you die right as you kill an enemy it doesn't come back when you respawn, That's super cheesable.

One major thing I'll note is that the end boss doesn't seem finished. I get that the game isn't finished, so I'm not taking that as harshly as I would otherwise, but yeah. The red stuff that he pulls from the bottom didn't kill me, I just passed through it harmlessly, while the red stuff he drops from the top did. I can't tell if the rising jelly was just glitched or if it's just bad design; what I'd recommend there would be to change the falling jelly to black if the rising stuff isn't supposed to kill you, just for the sake of consistency.

I'm giving this game a really high score because I think the concept works really well and I hope to see more of it!

Glass-Clock responds:


Has a lot of bugs. Though the game is pretty well made. I like the idea how the game slows down when you don't move.

Glass-Clock responds:

ok dude

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2.30 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2017
5:15 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other