TD-Perfect As It Is

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Sonik did all the music! He's great!
Sonik on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sonik_tla
Sonik on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/sonik-tla

Back for more punishment
And I love it
It's all perfect as it is

A lot of empty desks
Ghoul chow, jumping ship,
Gonna finally earn my future
But some just couldn’t make the trip

It’s greener over there
I heard it’s blood that makes the grass grow
If you make it out alive
Then you'll find out where the bodies go

Toss ‘em in the grinder
Fresh meat, jail bait,
Exhaust potential, fake credentials,
Earn some debt, repopulate

Yeah, we see whats coming
We know there’s dragons where the map ends
There’s flames ahead but you’re just
Paranoid until it happens, I

Don’t give a fuck
I’m in the world of my dreams
So what "the writing’s on the wall"
It may as well be Japanese

Nothing can go wrong now
Feels like I finally arrived
But it’s a drop in the bucket
Of our hollow insides

It’s all perfect as it is
Don’t you change one thing
No dice, it’s all going to shit
Buckle up cause this might sting

I don’t have a clue what i’m doin’
Anxiousness, apathy, trouble brewin’
Fuck comfort, get tougher
Bust your ass 'til summer
Be harder, not number
You’re butthurt? Just deserts

Don’t look back the shame
Will give you an anxiety attack
Plan ahead, e-fame
Dank memes, life hacks

Sure life’s a gas now
But sparks will one day abound
Scholastic Joan of Arc
We’ll burn this bitch to the ground

Use this time wisely, kiddies
Heed my friendly advice
Just an aging, poseur fag
Makin' the same mistakes twice

Press some flesh, don’t be shy, have fun
Mellow out in the grave
Time to show you why
They all will one day call me Technical Dave!

Everything seems fine to me
If comfort kills then let me die
When we look back and try to see
How it went wrong, we’ll go blind


This was... not bad! The song wavers sometimes, but the further it goes the more I immerse myself, like a merger and soul. Lyric-wise it's great, cynical as ever, music with a message, and the melody's smooth and uplifting, perfect tune to back it up... just like those contrasting colors! Nice piece.


Really cool! The illustrations are really something!! :'j

That... is f***in' perfect! did you know that you are good at singing? cause' you are. And the song is amazing! I really love those lyrics. And ofcourse the animation/picktures, great as always dude. this is a 11/10!

I watched a bunch of this series months ago, so hearing a song instead was quite a twist. Not bad, but a bit too indie for me :-/
I still enjoyed the panel comic panel theme, but I think I need captions to see what you were trying to sing through half of it, or maybe make a webpage for the lyrics and add the link.
Maybe even translate the Chinese for us too?

You are awesome, I love your series. I found it yesterday and binge watched the whole thing here. As of right now you didn't put Sonik in credits and info. The song was alright and the art was great.

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Raziberry responds:

Oh shit! Thanks, I'll add him now!

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Aug 20, 2017
10:57 AM EDT
Comedy - Original
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