Marshall's Penetentiary

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After crashing your car, you must try to survive in the abandoned prison.

I'm a fan of survival horror and point and click games. Here's something that's not quite either. Enjoy!

Hint: You get two items from the car at the beginning.

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I love this type of game!!
-improve the movement or slow down those zombies
-freeze those zombies when examine something
-walkthrough please.I gv up.

discovered that once you use the plumbing Adhesive on the cable connected to the light button and clicked on the said light button then the attacking cable will "die" amd you're allowed to leave.

as for the game, it's pretty a good start in the beginning.
the game are supposed to be easy to figure and hard to solve (at least in my opinion)

The exact game I was hoping to play today, but the controls killed it for me. If you're gonna make it so hard to move your character, maybe cut down on the number/speed of things trying to kill you? Or maybe respawn closer to where you died?

Man, ya know... this whole thing about us needing arrows so we can see where to go? It's not really a thing. Stop with the arrows, general game-creating populace. We all know what a door is. The damn arrows are unnecessary and break immersion. Unless there's no immersion to break, in which case go softly on. Other than that? COOL!

The way the character and the monsters move is frustrating. When you click a spot quickly to get away from the quickly moving monsters, it will choose a path that it can't go even though there are plenty of other ways to get to the same spot that was clicked. Also i felt like i had to click multiple times to get in the doors.

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2.88 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2017
11:53 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click