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Robin Quest: God Seed

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Robin is back with another wild, sex filled adventure. After a botched attempt to steal from their temple, Robin the Cut Purse Princess finds herself locked in the dungeon of the older of the golden eternal, a doomsday orgy cult with a hardon for virgin sacrifice. Can you defeat the evil of the cult and escape in tact? Find out today

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You know, I think Robin is sterile, given how many men came inside her throughout these games and she didnt give a damn, I think the Submit ending is what she wanted all along, let a god creampie her so she can get a child, as in the only thing that can get her pregnant is the GOD SEED.

I have no idea how to even make a game myself but IF I could, I wouldn't post this one. Short, lame graphics and no story. Just one person's opinion.

Captain-Freeman responds:

What's stopping You?


1. "Attack" or "Dominate"
2. "Fuck" or "Leave"
3. "Attack" or "Sneak"
4, "Magic" or "Seduce"
5, Any option

Quite funny and all, though it reminds me of the beggining of flash animations, where you have to rightclick and click back and forward to watch the "movie".

Captain-Freeman responds:

A lot of the old greats were huge inspirations! thank you for the feed back

Might want to start putting checkpints or back buttons in like the Harry Stickman series. Would make it easier to see all the content.

Captain-Freeman responds:

but having to explore is part of the games charm :)