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Beach☆Volley!! - Day 1

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pretty good

Newgrounds isn't good place for visual novel. :/

It wasn't bad, but that's just another generic visual novel with busty girls.

Although there was no game play other than clicking the screen, I enjoyed reading the story. Initially, I thought Jun was a female name and Rin was a male name. The teacher looks younger than expected.

Graphics are pleasant and facial expressions are good enough. I like the night window scene with a moon. It seems that this game is drawn towards male players by giving the girls huge boobies.

Mushinovel responds:

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!

> "Jun" and "Rin" are unisex names. We chose these names because "Jun" means "obediant" and also because the final version is supposed to be released in June, so his name evokes summer and the game’s atmosphere.
For "Rin", it's "cold", like her personality.

> The night version is also my favorite. I hope you tried the downloadable version, there are a lot of additional details that enhance the experience (for example, the textbox changes according to the time and there will be options.)

>It should appeal especially to male players, but I think girls might like it too.
It's rather soft, there are only bikinis (only in the title screen for the moment)

The only thing I can fault on this is the auto setting; whenever you enable it and the voice acting goes through, it cuts off to the next message before the person finishes speaking, so it sounds kind of awkward. Other than that, I reckon this has a lot of potential. I look forward to the rest.

Mushinovel responds:

Thank you a lot!
We'll keep that in mind for the full game.