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Megaman X vs Zombies III (re-uploaded 8/10/15 "beta ver.")

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As the short description for this project kind of has typed out...this is all I have left of the latest version of the project unfortunately :/

I want to re-upload this again for a few reasons:

1.) To show any of you interested some of my ideas for MMXvsZombies III

2.) To provide some "closure" to the series, as I'm highly unlikely to create more entries in the series...especially as of now, for various reasons. I doubt though that anyone would really care this much for the series anyway, especially at this point in time, but I'm accounting for the possibility people might.

3.) I guess to sort-of show that I still have an interest in making more Flash content, especially sprite-based animations (which more often than not, are crossovers of two or more game franchises).

The above are the major, big reasons why I wanna re-upload this again...for any who enjoyed/still enjoy this rather brief series (mayyyyybe I could continue it in the future, either a sequel/sequels to MMXvsZombies II that are different from how this episode would've turned out, and/or make "spinoffs"/reference the MMXvsZombies in future Flash content I make, [the latter is MUCH more likely to happen if I do decide to continue on somehow w/ this series tbh]), I hope you like/appreciate at least one or some of the ideas I had in store for what would've been the full next entry of the series...of course, I had/I think still have several more ideas as well for what would've been the full next entry of the series, but I guess never got around to including them in animation form for various reasons...ehhh. Still though, the content that did make it into animation form here I feel should be representative overall of the ambition I orginally intended for, scope-wise, animation-wise, story-wise, etc. for this project. I hope any interested will enjoy what's left of the project!

Credits (may be missing stuff due to me forgetting):


-Dragon Slayer, by BERSERKYD of Newgrounds
-_________from The Wonderful 101
-_________from Resident Evil/Biohazard 2

Sprites/graphics extracted from games:

-Megaman X4/X5
-Plants vs. Zombies
-misc stuff from misc games I don't know about

edit 12/18/18: link to Megaman X vs. Zombies episode 1 remastered: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/708062

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This episode seems incomplete. Sound is off in some parts and apparently dialogue is also missing.