The Floorsland Reborn

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Instructions are in the game itself. Try not to skip through messages, otherwise, you will either not learn how to play, or get lost (and potentially end up dying). Your own ignorance does not make the game buggy. All medals are easy to figure out if you let the game tell you how to play (and actually pay attention to it).
Dying with 1 life or failing some of the timed sections results in a game over. Save periodically, because you don't necessarily have to restart the whole thing if you do get a game over.

Brief History

In 2011, The Floorsland was released. It was a simple Flash game, built using a popular YouTube tutorial series. Despite that, it was the start of The Floorsland series.
After The Floorsland 4 was released, the series went on a hiatus until 2014, when The Floorsland Origins was released. Even though it was changed cosmetically, it was still a buggy Flash game running on the same old garbage engine.
To celebrate the 6th anniversary of the series, The Floorsland Reborn brings to you The Floorsland 3 and The Floorsland 4, this time with a plot, better graphics, better music and a whole new Phaser-powered JavaScript engine with way fewer bugs and new gameplay mechanics. Usage of Chrome (preferably; the game runs better) or Firefox is recommended.


The game should theoretically work on older browsers, but it's only been tested on recent versions of Firefox and Chrome. Your browser should support the canvas and audio tags. For optimal experience, a working GPU (anything made after 2005), as well as a WebGL- and WebAudio-capable browser (any modern browser) are the best. The game should work wonderfully on Firefox 25+, Chrome 34+, Opera 22+, and Safari 8+. It will definitely not work on Internet Explorer 8 and below and will probably have trouble with any version of Internet Explorer (and maybe Edge).
Vivaldi (so far the only Chromium browser I've found which exhibits this bug) has trouble with audio: the game runs at almost half speed if any active tab (including the game) is playing sound, so you should either mute all tabs or use a different browser. Considering that Phaser, Howler.js, and vanilla WebAudio produce slowdown (even in Phaser's official examples), I assume it's either an issue in Phaser or in the browser's audio handling itself.


If you see a "Login with Newgrounds" button at the bottom right of the title screen, make sure to click it and approve the app, otherwise, you WILL NOT be able to unlock any of the medals or post any scores! In spite of what the page may describe, the game will only unlock medals and post scores (Newgrounds.io currently doesn't even let you do any of the other things). Make sure to pay attention to any warnings the game might give you (top left of the title screen): the button will only appear if the initial requests to Newgrounds.io were successful.


2017-08-16 (Release Day!): Added a reload button to the pause menu to make reloading your save file easier. Suggested by HerbieG. Also fixed a crash bug in 4-2.

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Some good soundtracks you've got there. The gameplay is decent, but graphics are mediocre. However at least it's enjoyable to play.

Medals sometimes don't work or sometimes all medals stop working altogether, requiring you to have to reload the page and re-do everything if you want those medals.

Also there are certain enemies who move too fast such that it's not possible to get through without taking damage. Is this intended or is this a bug? For example one of those red things that moves up and down, you position yourself perfectly to the left of it (but not touching) and the instant it begins to rise you are rushing under it, but it comes down and hits you before you've even made it through because of how slow your player is compared to the enemy. With most enemies this isn't the case but with some it is.

telinc1 responds:

The medals are not my fault. The game does everything that needs to be done in order to properly communicate with Newgrounds.io; what they do with the request is up to them. Unlike the Flash API, Newgrounds.io sessions are little more volatile, so it's up to you to log in manually if a session ID isn't properly supplied by Newgrounds.

Enemies do have randomized speeds, but there can be no instance in which you can't move under them. Their hitbox is not a rectangle, it's a triangle, so you can stand in the transparent portions of the sprite no problem; you probably will not have enough time to move under them if you stay to the left of their rectangular hitbox (if that's how you treat them).

A bit of a problem - sometimes the right arrow movement doesn't stop when I lift off the key, and no, the key isn't sticking. Otherwise a nice game.

telinc1 responds:

That's an interesting problem. I've absolutely never had it happen, so it could actually be a sticking key. Another potential trigger would be holding down the key, switching to another application, and then releasing it (the game would never be told you released the key and would think you're still holding it), however, the game pauses when it loses focus, so this can't really happen. And it's definitely not gameplay-related, either, the player stops as soon as you release the key. This is quite weird, I'd be happy to look further into it if you could give me a little more information on it.

One thing I must applaud you that your game gives an option between canvas and webgl. I wish other creators would implement that in their games. If such a simple game can have so much care put into it, then there is no excuse for others. Thumbs up!

telinc1 responds:

Thanks for the review! The option to pick between Canvas and WebGL is actually mainly thanks to Phaser, the framework I use. Of course, there are things I needed to do myself (message boxes work very differently between the two renderers due to a bug in Pixi.js, the rendering framework that Phaser uses), but there's no reason to shun one renderer just because more effort is required to support it correctly.

Credits & Info

2.95 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2017
1:49 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other